Big top Rancho


Reader Will Plunkett, who contributed these photos, says: “There’s a house in northern RC that looks like a castle (in the appropriately named Castlegate tract of homes), and I see it often while driving past. The other day, I noticed it was tented for bugs (I guess) and snapped a picture. They finished and now you can see it, sans tent. I liked how they wrapped up the turret part of the roof in a separate tent. Do the termites do a trapeze act?”

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  • DAve

    Is Charlie’s in La Verne closed now?

    [Yes. (I wrote a quick note in a recent column about it.) — DA]

  • Mary Pineda

    This probably wiped out the flea circus.

    [Heh. — DA]

  • DAve

    Oooooo that closing was TRAGIC for the “owner’s” sister and mother – they put up their homes as collateral. Tho as poorly and cluelessly as she “ran” it it should have been no surprise. If you would put up a link to your update I’d appreciate it.

    [It was only a sentence to say it had closed and that it had been featured on “Kitchen Nightmares.” — DA]