Column: Pomona goes for the gold with six-hour meeting

Wednesday’s column is about Monday’s lengthy Pomona City Council meeting. They approved putting a library tax on the November ballot, but that was at midnight, and they did, and heard, lots of other stuff before that. Read the column here.

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  • shirley wofford

    It doesn’t seem right to make people wait three hours to talk about the Library or any other issue. Too bad they couldn’t have split the Agenda and met twice that week. I’m not up on the trash issue, but can guess how I would feel, if a transfer station were going to go up in my neighborhood–probably about the same way I feel about Ontario’s future WalMart at Fifth and Mountain.

    I was in the State of WA, in an unfamiliar town, last month, with a few days on my hands. The motel we were in did not have a guest computer. I always feel the urge to explore unfamiliar places, and while walking one day I came upon a Library. Upon entering I saw a busy place with computers. I inquired about using one and, upon presentation of my DL, I was given a pass allowing me to use a computer for one hour a day.

    These were not any old computers. They were new, and fast. A friend of mine in WA told me that Bill Gates had recently made a large donation of computers to some of the libraries. (Too bad he wasn’t from CA.) In addition to using the computers in that library, I learned, by watching and interacting with the people in that building, more about that town, than I could have otherwise learned in a month. Closing a Library? Can’t even think about it.

  • John Clifford


    Just to let you know, there is a computer lab at the library for just such usage here. The lab, which was on the bottom floor, will be moved to the main floor as part of the reorganization. The computers are there for use by the library patrons and are connected to the internet.

    In addition, the library has (or shortly will) receive about 20 Chrome-based tablet computers donated by Google. These will also be available to library patrons and are fully internet connected.

    Also, the audio books have also been moved to the main floor to make them more accessible for those who like to listen to a book instead of reading (great for commuters).

    Yes, a library is MORE than just books and I’m proud to say that our Pomona Library is books, computers, and a repository for the history of Pomona, The Inland Valley, and the west.

  • Allan

    Shameless plug: Speaking of books, computers, and history — at the bottom of is a 5min. audio clip from Richard Armour’s speech at the PPL groundbreaking ceremony in 1964.

  • Bob House

    If they didn’t read your “35 Reasons” library column out loud, that’s 6 hours wasted. Your tolerance for bureaucratic and public idiocy is super-human.

    [Perhaps so, although even I have my limits. With the library issue settled, I may not be returning to a Pomona meeting for a while. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Wait, I thought we were holding you hostage. At least there are no SCHEDULED meetings the rest of August.

    [True. As for holding me hostage, you’ve gotta catch me first. — DA]