Column: This reporter sweated the small stuff

Friday’s column is largely a tribute to Mark Petix, a former Bulletin scribe who died Aug. 4. There are also some cultural notes and other mini-items. Read the column here.

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  • shirley wofford

    My condolences to his colleagues, family, and friends. It appears that he was one who worked in the trenches, doing his job well, without seeking or receiving public acclaim. He went too young, depriving his readers of more well-covered stories in the future.

    The girl in Rancho was the grand-daughter of a colleague/friend in the local public sector–my heart cracked again when you reminded me.

    [I thought quoting from some of his stories, including the funerals, might be effective, and I guess it was. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    I also appreciated Mark’s work. So sorry that the already dwindling cadre of newspaper professionals is lowered by 1.