Restaurant of the Week: One Plus One Dumpling House

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One Plus One Dumpling House, 14720 Pipeline Ave. (at Chino Hills Parkway), Chino Hills

Chinese dumplings are rare in Inland Valley restaurants, making One Plus One Dumpling House almost unique. The restaurant opened in Chino a couple of years back, relocating in April 2012 to Chino Hills next to the Lebanese restaurant Mes Amis, taking the place of the Thai restaurant Swasdee. Chino Hills is more of a culinary melting pot than you’d guess.

Three friends and I met there for lunch recently. The space looks almost unchanged from Swasdee’s occupancy, being modern, L-shaped and small (nine tables or booths).

The menu has some 20 varieties of dumplings, most of which can be ordered steamed, boiled or pan fried. Boiled are soup dumplings (xiao long bao), steamed are dry, fried are pot stickers. Noodle dishes and beef, lamb, chicken, pork and vegetarian dishes fill out the menu.

It’s the kind of place where, while they do have sweet and sour pork and orange chicken, they also have the non-Panda Express-approved spicy frog in firepot, spicy intestine and lamb with sour vegetable.

We ordered a lot of food: vegetable boiled dumplings ($7, pictured above), house special noodle ($7), shrimp and pineapple ($13), deep fried chicken with chili and garlic ($9) and a beef wrap ($5, pictured below). The staff threw in pork XLBs ($7), which they seem to do if you order $20 or more in food.

We like Chinese food, but we’re not experts. One at our table said approvingly, “This pork dumpling is really good,” while sampling the beef wrap. Which gave us something to kid him about. I can attest that the beef wrap is a respectable knockoff of 101 Noodle Express’ celebrated beef roll.

We all said we would be willing to come back. One friend said: “I thought the noodles were fantastic” — he really was talking about noodles — “and the deep-fried chicken was especially good.” Service was efficient and they kept our water glasses filled. The number of San Gabriel Valley-style Chinese restaurants in the Inland Valley remains small, but it’s growing, one by one.

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  • DebB

    Is this a casual enough place that a single person would feel comfortable eating alone? Unfortunately, my dumpling-eating partners moved to the Bay area awhile ago, and I’ve had to make my own since then!

    [I’m always sensitive to the single-diner factor myself. I believe you’d feel comfortable there. It’s not fancy, and they have high-backed booths, which offer a slight cocoon of privacy. — DA]

  • Andy

    I visited this place some time back in their new location, maybe late last year??

    I thought the food was very good, especially the stir fried vegetables in garlic. One impression we had was I thought this place was rather dumpy and poorly assembled. Opaque cloth dividers separated the dining from the entrance and were filthy from the food splashed from the table. The chairs were assemble yourself furniture and falling apart. The place was weirdly laid out. However, the food was cheap and good. I really dont understand the free Xiao Long Bao thing. You order $20 worth of food and you get a full free order worth $7.

    David you are right about being a bit unusual to see a dumpling place in the IE. Actually, I feel it a bit unusual to see dumpling places in Rowland Heights. East of the 605 has not been known as Mainland territory, but its a welcome addition.

    [Andy, your feedback is always appreciated. Yes, the free XLB deal is awfully good. I’m pretty sure they only moved in April, and based on your description I can’t tell if you’re referring to the new location or the old one. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    To quote my favorite Frasier Crane line from “Cheers”: “I’m a boob! I’m a big fat boob!” Referring here to my small pork/beef confusion. Fun times and here’s looking forward to the next one!

    [I like how you stepped forward to claim credit. — DA]

  • Jim Lugenbeel

    My lady friend and I ate there a few months ago, and found it to be an excellent choice. It beats driving to L.A. Chinatown, and I thought the food was better!

    [Thanks for the testimonial, Jim. — DA]

  • Mary Pineda

    This restaurant is just a few blocks from my house. I have been meaning to try it ever since I learned it was there (from Westways). I have not done a very good job of following through. Thanks for your review. I am more determined than ever to try it.

    [Happy to provide a nudge, Mary. Hope you go and that you like it. — DA]

  • Donna Chang

    I wish my dear friend, and yours, Wendy Leung was still in the area…she would have schooled you all on her dumpling/noodle/pho expertise. Anyway, I have a counseling session I must attend to, some yenta from the east coast needs my guidance.

    [Who do you think introduced me to the beef roll at 101 Noodle Express? — DA]

  • Kathy

    I just looked this restaurant up today 8/12/12 and it is “closed” also location in W. Covina. I called both phone numbers and both have been disconnected. Hmmmm? I wanted to try the place.

    [I know the West Covina location is gone, but are you sure the one in Chino Hills is gone too? The restaurant just relocated to Chino Hills from Chino. — DA]

  • Kathy

    Dave – I looked restaurant up again and discovered there were two locations in Chino (on Roswell and one on Pipeline). The location on Roswell is closed, but the other located at 14720 Pipeline, Chino Hills, is open. Thanks Dave for making me double check.