Column: At 61, he can get down, and still get back up

Sunday’s column is a tribute to Howard Mordoh, a fanatical L.A. concertgoer who can be seen dancing near the stage at shows all over the Southland. He’s not a local for us, but he deserves a writeup anyway, and I’m proud to be the guy who did it. Read it here.

Above is an amateur video of him dancing at LCD Soundsystem’s farewell concert at Madison Square Garden in 2011. I like how another guy starts filming him midway through. Embarrassing title of video: “Old guy dancing before LCD Soundsystem concert at MSG.” Hey, he was 60, not 80!

That was him on the East Coast at a major concert. Below is a video from a situation that’s pretty much the opposite: a relatively obscure L.A. band, Black Crystal Wolf Kids, performing at a Malibu restaurant in 2011. Mordoh, who was in the audience, can be seen starting at :57 (in an orange and brown shirt) and is visible until about 3:20. The song’s pretty good.

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