Vintage hotel postcards


Reader Erik Griswold found these images on flickr from the Boston Public Library’s collection. The Orange Hotel, above, was in downtown Ontario; the Melody Ranch, below, was a bit west on Holt. Beautiful, eh? I like the visible texture of the linen postcards too and how it affects the image. Instagram should offer a “linen” option.

Griswold also found similar images for the Peppertree Hotel on Valley Boulevard in Ontario and the Eldo Hotel at 987 E. Holt Ave. in Pomona.

The library’s complete California postcard collection can be found here. (Among the postcards are images showing orange groves, Pomona Valley Creamery and W.R. Shadoff Chevrolet in Pomona.) Thanks to Erik for finding these so we can admire them.

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  • Charles Bentley

    Great images of two iconic Ontario locations! The Orange Hotel was, in its day, a popular stopping point for those making the trip from L.A. to Palm Springs (and points east). And the Melody Ranch stood for many years, a reminder of the type of motels that used to dot the nation’s highways.

    Are you aware that Melody Ranch was the title of a 1940 movie that starred Gene Autry? In the Sixties, Melody Ranch was a Saturday night TV show on KTLA (later syndicated) hosted by Autry that featured the top names in country/western music.It was a central part of our family’s weekend routine; I can still remember going to relatives’ homes and making sure dinner was done so everyone could sit and enjoy that week’s show.

    I know of no connection to Ontario’s Melody Ranch and Autry’s popular musical program, but every time I passed by the aging motel on Holt I always remembered those vintage tv shows.

    [At some point in the recent past I came across a reference to Autry and “Melody Ranch,” but, like you, I can only assume it’s a pleasant coincidence. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez

    I zoomed in on the Melody Ranch picture and couldn’t find the “Color TV” sign. I still see some old motels advertising this “New wonder.”

    [That image would have predated TV, much less color TV. I love those signs too, especially how each letter is a different color. Gosh! — DA]