Restaurant of the Week: Pine Haven Cafe

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Pine Haven Cafe, 1191 E. Foothill Blvd. (at 11th Avenue), Upland

Pine Haven opened in May as the restaurant in the Guest House Inn, which might make this eatery difficult to find if you didn’t realize Upland had a hotel on Foothill. (It’s across from Memorial Park.)

It’s a catering business, begun in 2005, that now has gone public, in a sense, with a restaurant that does breakfast, lunch and, on Fridays only, dinner. Everything is made from scratch.

I’ve been in twice. For lunch, I had the “gourmet grilled cheese” (oooh la la) on parmesan bread ($5.50 as the Wednesday lunch special). My two sides were sweet potato fries and tropical slaw, both good; some won’t like the limp fries, but I did. I wasn’t knocked out overall, but I suppose if I’d wanted something exciting, I shouldn’t have ordered grilled cheese.

I tried breakfast on my next visit, ordering the chorizo huevos ($8), which was three eggs scrambled with Mexican sausage, goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Unexpectedly, this came served atop my choice of potato (home fries) in a bowl. This was really good. I’d asked for wheat toast and the result was large, oval slices of house-baked bread. An impressive breakfast.

The regular menu isn’t online but you can find the cafe’s website here.

A couple of female friends coo over the decor; personally, with its tiled floor and stucco walls and ceiling, the space looked a bit bare and institutional to me, like a hospital cafe. But the food’s good and service is friendly, so I’m pulling for them. As one friend said of the food: “It’s like eating at the house of someone who’s a really good cook.”

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  • Veronika Taylor

    I ate there on a Sunday for their buffet and it was great.

  • Cecilia


    Thank you David for your review of Pine Haven Cafe! I’m the Customer Service Specialist there and we appreciate being featured! As a new business this helps out so much.

    Just an update since the last time you visited, we are open Friday Nights for Supper and hope to expand our Supper Evenings in the future.

    Tonight we are having a Summer Sunset Supper: Rib Eye sauteed with mushrooms, Pan Fried Salmon with Lobster Sauce, Mac N Cheese Balls, Roasted Seasoned Chicken and more! For dessert we have Texas Lemon Sheet Cake, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Indulgence Cake.

    BUT you can’t miss out on our weekly $6 Sunday Breakfast Buffet from 8am to 1pm! It’s such an inexpensive meal, you can bring the whole family without hurting the wallet. Scrambled Eggs, Hashbrown Casserole, Home Fries, Bread Pudding, Breakfast Meats and more! On August 19th, we’re featuring Bananas Fosters French Toast! Every week we’ll vary the menu so it’s exciting everytime!

    909 946 4674 Call for reservations if you are coming in a group of 8 or more.

    [Cecilia, I’ve fixed the nights you’re open (Fridays, not Fridays and Saturdays) in the writeup. — DA

  • James Rodrguez

    Cecelia says “Friday nights for Supper.” I’m a fan of the Waltons tv series, and I think to them in their time and part of the country, our Lunch is their Dinner and our Dinner is their Supper?

  • Dee

    In the South, Lunch is a smaller meal served around noon (think sandwiches), while Dinner refers to a larger hot meal served at lunchtime. Supper is the evening meal. Just dont call me late for any of them;^)

    [Some of us in the Midwest used the same verbiage, Dee. Thanks for the handy explanation. — DA]

  • David, Thank you for updating our Friday Night Supper! The owner, Sharon Ellis, is from the East Coast but has lived out in the West Coast for many years.

    James, I loved the Waltons as a kid! I remember Ma Walton calling her kids to Supper!
    I wanted to pass along this week’s specials! Tell a FRIEND!

    August 24th, 5pm to 9pm
    Friday Night Supper Club:

    *Herb Crusted Salmon- Salmon Filet topped with lemon sauce served with mash potatoes

    *Salmon and Asparagus fettuccine- Sauteed Salmon and asparagus in a garlic cream sauce tossed with fettuccine noodles.
    Served with Garlic bread

    *Chicken Antoinette- Chicken Breast with Prawns, Pea Pods drizzled with Bearnese sauce served with rice pilaf and fresh vegetables

    *London Broil- with mushroom Cabernet sauce served with PH Potato Poppers and fresh vegetables

    *Sliders- 2 Kobe Beef Sliders served with French Fries

    Seasonal Salad or PH salad

    Soup Du Jour- We’ll announce on Friday!

    Appetizers: macaroni and cheese balls


    Every week we work hard to put together the most wonderful $6 Sunday Breakfast Buffet for YOU! Yes, ONLY $6.00!!!!

    The MENU is AMAZING for this Sunday, August 26th, 8am to 1pm. Don’t miss this one! Call us if you are coming with a group of 8 or more for table reservations, (909) 946 4674.

    Sunday Breakfast Buffet Ole!!!!
    Scrambled Eggs
    Hash Brown Casserole
    Home Fries with Chorizo and Cilantro
    Chilaquiles served with Corn Tortillas
    Red and Green Salsas
    Blueberry Pancakes
    Drunken Raison Bread Pudding
    Muffins and Danish
    909 946 4674