Column: An early start for 24 days of fun at Fair


Friday’s column previews the L.A. County Fair, which runs from Aug. 31 to Sept. 30. This is said to be the first-ever August opening for the Fair. I touch on some of the highlights of the event. Read the column here.

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  • DebB

    “…a dedicated altitude junkie will only have to return to earth to buy more ride tickets and throw up.” Love it! But seriously – deep fried cereal?! How is that even possible? And why is it that it costs more to park your car than to attend the Fair?

    I wish they would go back to a later opening date – September is usually so hot. And they don’t open early enough in the morning to take advantage of the morning coolness. Fortunately, they’ve added air conditioning to most of the buildings.

    Until you mentioned it, I’d completely forgotten the monorail. I don’t remember ever riding it, but I do remember it winding its way around the fairgrounds.

    [Well, it costs the same amount to park as to get in. More reason to carpool! — DA]

  • Ramona

    And if I may go off-topic for a moment . . .

    Skinny jeans are NEVER recommended. For anyone. Ever.

    Ugh! with a touch of eeeew! thrown in for good measure.

    Now back to your regular programming.

    [This message was brought to you by Ramona, on behalf of civilization. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez

    Just heard from a reporter at KNX1070 who got an early preview before opening for the public, this year’s new deep fried item from Chicken Charlies is a deep fried Dodger Dog, he didn’t say how much it costs.

    [$6.44. I happened to jot down the price. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    Went to the Fair yesterday! (Sunday, as I type this.) I was never a Fair fan growing up… Never went, and had no desire to do so… A friend finally dragged me about 12 years ago, and I’ve been back every year since.

    A highlight from this year: my nine-year-daughter and I ziplined. My daughter knows no fear and jumped right off the platform; I had to close my eyes to follow (though once I got going, I had fun). The view probably wasn’t as great as if we were ziplining in Hawaii or Costa Rica (places that people I know have ziplined), but still fun. And pricey.

    Other news: This year was my wife’s first time at the Fair. She’s not going back. Expensive, crowded, hot, kitschy… basically, all the things I love about it. I may not be back this year, but see you in 2013, Fair! …But don’t look too hard for my wife.

    [In defense of the Fair, if you go during the heat of the day, and the day is, say, 97 degrees, you’re going to be hot. I recommend an evening visit. It’s still the Fair, but the ambience is very different: the lights of the midway, cooler temps, less crowded. — DA]