The L.A. County Fair is almost here

The Fair begins at 3 p.m. Friday when the gates open early for the Labor Day weekend. The Fair runs Aug. 31 to Sept. 30. I’ll have an overview in my Friday column.

In the meantime, here are links to, the Fair’s official blog, Hot Blog on a Stick and a list of promotions to get in cheaper.

Are you looking forward to the Fair or (gasp) could you not be bothered?

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  • Bonnie Boone, Tustin

    I love the fair! I like going during the week when the crowds are small. I love spending time watching the mini railroad, people watching while on the overhead tram, and browsing through the homemade crafts and personal photography. The livestock barns take us back to a place of simplicity and it’s a great way to “get out of the city.” Don’t forget the horse shows and BBQ Corn!

  • Ramona

    I’m not going to the Fair again this year. I quit going when my daughters were old enough to go by themselves. I don’t know why exactly. Just got burned out I guess.

    When I was a youngster the schools would close at noon on the first Friday of the Fair’s run and we kids were given a ticket to get in free. Mom and I would walk down to Second Street in Pomona, catch a bus to the fairgrounds and spend the day and evening strolling around having a great time and eating stuff we never had at home. Of course, Mom had prepared something for Dad to eat when he got home from work. We’d catch the bus back to downtown and head home, sometimes just as the Fair was closing.

    Now, however, I depend on my daughters and you, David, to eat something outrageous on a stick and think of me while you’re all doing so.


    [I usually have a stick-free Fair, but I’ll visit on your behalf a few times. — DA]

  • Ted Melendez

    Since some of us are commuters, I tend to prefer the OC version.

  • DebB

    I love the Fair, and usually go more than once each year. I go alone at least once, to enjoy the things I know my friends don’t care about. I try to go during the week to avoid the worst crowds, and because I walk over I always try to get home before dark (if I’m alone).

    Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of changes, not all for the better in my opinion. The shopping has always been there, but it’s grown to be such a huge part of the Fair, and pushed out things like the old county and city exhibits. There’s not nearly as much 4H or FFA stuff going on any more, and even the garden exhibits have shrunk.

    Like Bonnie, I love the handcrafted and baked items, and have entered my own things from time to time. I’m usually outclassed, but did win a blue ribbon for a loaf of bread many years ago! I also enjoy the draft horse show (usually the last weekend), as well as the garden exhibits.

    The past few years, the heat has been getting to me more than it used to, and walking around Fairplex in 90+ degree weather isn’t as much fun. But I’ll probably go at least for the draft horse show, and maybe another day, too. It’s hard to pass up ALL THAT FOOD!

  • shirley wofford

    I don’t see “Jurassic Planet” on the list of attractions. I have seen it the past three years–as far I am concerned, it was the most unique attraction; have seen the same other attractions for years. I will be sure to get my giant baked potato with butter, cheese sauce, and mushrooms.

    [Jurassic Planet isn’t back. The Genius exhibit has taken over that building. — DA]

  • shirley wofford


  • DebB

    Standing in my kitchen yesterday evening I was reminded of an exhibit at the Fair that I never hear anyone mention, and never knew about myself until just a few years ago, and I’m not even sure it’s on the Fair map. That is the historic trains exhibit in the far northwest corner of the fairgrounds (not the model railroad near the grandstand). To find it, you go past the Garden building in the direction of Gate 17.

    For more info, search the Fair website for “historic train”. There are about a dozen actual train cars/engines permanently parked there. You can go inside and climb around them, and toot the whistle – which is what reminded me of the exhibit (I can hear the whistle from my house).

  • Fred Henderson

    Hello David:

    I haven’t been to the Fair since 1971 but always wonder if Adams Brooks still has a stand where they sell their Butter Toffee Nuts. All I remember is they were delicious- worth waiting a year.

    The stand was located on the way to the grandstand.

    Fred Henderson

    [That doesn’t ring a bell, but someone still sells P-Nuttles, which might be what you’re referring to, or close enough. — DA]