Your two cents: ‘Ungrateful’

I get so few angry letters or comments that it’s kind of a treat when I do. Thus, my pulse quickened the other day at a belated comment here by reader Jeff in response to my Dragon Loco Restaurant of the Week. Since you wouldn’t have seen it unless you keep close tabs on the “Recent Comments” section, let me present it here in full:

“Wow, This Guy!!!! David after working for daily bulletin for decades you haven’t gone nowhere. This Kid is the future, he is bring something different and new, not like the antique places you like and over done…. We seen it ate it, been their. I visited Dragon Loco After your review. Let me Say you are totally wrong, the ingredients are fresh and great. What do you now about ingredients you are just a run down columnist that just writes about the past and places from the past. I admire this kid he has something going on and it will catch on. you are a ungrateful person for him trying to contact you, WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE NEW YORK TIMES!!!! Come on man…… BE THANKFUL PEOPLE STILL READ THE NEWSPAPER AND KNOW WHO YOU ARE……… YELP, AND ALLEN BORGEN, LOVE THIS PLACE….. AGAIN WHAT DO YOU KNOW, RUN DOWN COLUMNIST.”

Wasn’t that awesome? Who I think I am indeed!

I just reread my blog post and my criticism, to my eyes, seems awfully mild, especially compared to the above. You can find my official response attached to his comment after that blog post.

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  • Ramona

    Things that make you go, “Hmmmm”. A relative of the owner, perchance?

    Jeff has his opinion, you have yours, I have mine. It’s the American way.

    Hang tough, David, or whoever you think you are.

  • Ramona

    P.S. Just read the comments re: the horizontal stoplights and 2 folks had nice comments about you and/or your blog. Kinda offsets Jeff’s tirade.

    (I know. I know. The 2 nice comments were spam. That’s why I commented here – with tongue firmly in cheek – instead of there so you can delete them.)

    [They’re already gone. — DA]

  • don anderson

    Seems like back in the 1950s when so many were being called ‘dirty columnists.’

    Do you remember that “read scare”?

    [Better read than dead! — DA]

  • Aaron in Rancho

    Not every rebuttal will be like Pine Haven Cafe…

  • shirley wofford

    Wow David! This reader is still suffering withdrawal pangs from the old Topix forums. He just had to unload somewhere.

    I do hope, for his own sake, that he will:

    1) Find an adult-ed class, and get a refresher on the spelling/grammar;

    2) Find a place that provides Anger Management on a sliding scale.

  • Kathryn Dunn

    Congratulations, David!

    [I knew a fellow newspaper person would understand. — DA]

  • Jim

    As TJ Simers says: these people live among you…..

    [I always love those reader-mail columns of his. — DA]

  • Charles Bentley


    I find Jeff’s response somewhat apropos. The name of the establishment is Dragon Loco, and Jeff’s comment certainly fall neatly into the “loco” category.

    David, perhaps you are a bit run down these days. While I cannot say definitively who you think you are, it seems you know who you are (it is clearly stated on both the blog and column) and, from all I have read, you know quite a bit. You’ve even been their, er, there and done that.

    I found your review of Dragon Loco interesting and informative. You gave a fair description of the offerings and provided your thoughts, both pro and con. I may try Dragon Loco some day in the future because of what you have written, which is all any establishment can ask of an “honest” opinion – visibility and opportunity.

    Jeff, I suggest you redirect your passion to a positive outlet. Such a negative effort does not reflect well on “this kid” or the establishment, which reading between the lines is what you are ultimately hoping to achieve.

    And just FYI Jeff, I am one of those “people who still read the newspaper.” I am thankful I can read David’s column and blog and believe there are many others who echo those same sentiments on a daily basis.

  • Bob House

    Among the many things Jeff doesn’t know is what can happen when you mess with a unicorn.

  • Wendy Leung

    David, why are you trying to be like the New York Times? You should try to be more like Yelp.

    [Good idea. I should aim lower. — DA]

  • Allan

    As a reader who apparently follows an ungrateful columnist, I should have expected your blog to eventually link to another that is absolutely full of sheets!

    For those keeping score at home, we’ve learned that Article Man apparently shouldn’t be allowed to greet people on Columbus Day, write about elephants, and now review asian-mex fusion cuisine.

    Random superhero thought: next time you ride the metrolink and walk in the same direction the train is going, you’re moving faster than a speeding loco motive.

    [Similarly, on the trip to Paris on the bullet train I walked up the aisle at one point in the same direction the train was moving, briefly making me faster than a speeding bullet (train). — DA]

  • Mary Pineda

    How did you get run-down, poor thing? Chasing trains again? Someone should tell reader Jeff that writing in all caps is the same as yelling and is very poor manners. It is also bad manners to point out bad manners so I guess that I will leave it alone. Perk up, have some Vita-meata-vegi-min and be one of the happy peppy people again.

    [“Tastes just like candy!” — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    I really hate to say this, because I like the man, but Allan Borgen hasn’t given less than 4 stars to ANY restaurant that I can remember in the past 5 years. So Jeff, just remember this…the truth shall set you free, and now it’s time to take your meds.