5 years of blogging

It was on Sept. 12, 2007 that this blog debuted: five years ago today.

Ah, time flies when you’re having fun. As of Tuesday, I’d written 1,751 published posts and this blog had received 7,594 reader comments. I’m still enjoying this extra venue and hope you are too. Thanks for reading and for doing your part to make this blog work.

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  • A.Weasel


    Congrats on reaching the Big Five-O….your blog is a unique place on the Internet Machine…Mrs. Weasel and I check in several times a day to keep up to date on your view of the 909 and the comments of your faithful….please keep up this informative, entertaining and unique blog for all of us weasels!!!

    [You’re welcome. And thank you and all the weasels for reading. You do know “the Big Five-O” implies 50, though, right? Give my blog 45 more years and we’ll get there. — DA]

  • Ramona

    Congrats to ya and thank you for hanging in. Where else could we go to find out what’s really goin’ on around here.

    And thanks for providing a place for me and the others to express ourselves. My sometimes vitriol has found an outlet.

    Keep up the good work.

    [Hey, thanks to you for all the comments, Ramona. Always glad to get ’em. — DA]

  • Bob House

    David, thanks for your efforts to keep up this interesting, entertaining blog. As you know, I’m a little OCD about it. And in honor of your 5th anniversary, I promise no more unicorn references. And that one doesn’t count.

    [Readers have benefited from your compulsion to check in here and comment, Bob. And your early support gave me confidence. As does your continued support. — U]

  • Su


    [Su blogs as IE Shine On. — DA]

  • I especially like the way in which the blog and the newspaper articles complement each other. Here’s to another 45!

    [Thanks for noticing, John. I try to tie the two together and posting column links here, which was Shirley Wofford’s idea, was overdue. John blogs as well from Ontario. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez

    David, thanks for providing a place where we readers can send in pictures of funny sightings here in the I.E. I used to follow Steve Harvey’s LA Times column and send in picts to him until he stopped. I always have my camera ready to capture the unusual sights.

    James Rodriguez, Fontana

    [And I’m pleased you do, James. I should probably mention that aspect of this blog in my column sometime. In the old days I would run funny photos there, a la Steve, but it got too complicated, I stopped and many readers stopped sending in photos, understandably. This blog is a much better forum for that sort of thing, I think. And we’ve had some good ones, either by me or by readers. — DA]

  • DebB

    I started reading and enjoying your column in the paper several years ago, but came to your blog through a link from somewhere else on the ‘net. I really hate politics, but your humorous looks at our local city councils and goings-on around town make life a lot easier to take. Thanks so much! Happy anniversary, and many more!

    [A lot of print readers haven’t made the transition to my blog, but I’m glad you made the leap. I appreciate your diligence in commenting. — DA]

  • Clark Burnett

    David, Congratulations on reaching your milestone regarding your blog. You are an excellent read in both your newspaper column and blog. My family and I are happy that you are a member of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Team! Thank you for sharing lots of interesting stuff throughout the Inland Valley, parts of California and your vacation trips. Your restaurant reviews are quite informative also and much appreciated.

    [Clark, glad to hear it, and thank you for the support for all the endeavors listed above! — DA]

  • JMac

    Congrats David! I’ve been a day one reader and I thank you for allowing us to play in your sandbox. This place has been informative, fun, nostalgic, humorous, and made me hungry at times. I plan on staying around as long as you plan on blogging.


    [Jim, always nice to hear from you. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Hip, hip, hooray!

  • James Rodriguez

    Hello, my name is James and I go by Jim, my email starts with Jmac***** so I was wondering who was this other JMac. For me, this is short for JimmyMac, a song from an old R&B soul ladies group from the late 60’s. I was helping an old friend who moved to South Central LA with his business’s Macintosh computers and the girls there called me “JimmyMac, when are you coming back” as per the song. I thought it was an original name. JMac, I love the name, how did you come across yours. ; )
    James Rodriguez

    [I met JMac a year ago at a restaurant in Upland but haven’t met James Rodriguez. And you were thinking of Martha and the Vandellas. (I looked it up in case it was actually the Marvelettes.) — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Congratulations to, dare I say, my old friend. I’m sure Ygnacio would say the same but I understand they are having a big fiesta “up there”, so please forgive his omission. But I can speak for Cosmo, he texted me the other day with a simple greeting for you…”Giddy Up, Scoop!”

    [Nice to hear from my old friend Bob Terry, Cosmo Kramer and, sort of, Ygnacio Palomares. That’s encouragement to go for another five years. — DA]