• Ron Chrisman

    Thank you for the mentioning Velvet in today’s column. This is the 70th anniversary of Guide Dogs for the Blind and she is the 7th puppy that I’ve been privileged to raise for them. The organization started in 1942 to benefit servicemen who came home blinded during World War II. Combining our California and Oregon Campuses, we graduate about 325 teams every year serving clients throughout the United States and Canada. Velvet and I enjoyed meeting you at long last. It’s only my fault that we hadn’t met before. Thanks again for your mention and support.

    [You’re quite welcome, Ron. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Reading the comments by Velvet’s “foster-parent” brought to my mind the movie I just saw at the Laemmle today. I bet service-dog trainers like Ron go through some heart wrenching emotions when the job is done, and the animal must move on. That is the similar situation in this movie:

    “Wild Horse–Wild Ride” (beautiful movie) is a documentary about 100 wild mustangs who are trained by 100 people, for 100 days, culminating in a competition where the horses and trainers put on quite a show. After the winners are declared, the competition is over, and some of the trainers are emotionally invested in their charges. I won’t give away any more–I highly recommend this movie for animal lovers.