Kogi in Pomona


The Kogi BBQ taco truck is the most famous of L.A.’s legion of food trucks. I’ve visited it three times when it came to Cal Poly Pomona. It was only recently that I learned the truck goes there every Thursday.

For all I know, it’s been doing this all along. Whether it has or not, if you’re a foodie, you should try it at least once.

I went there last Thursday to meet my friends Gail and Alan, two food adventurers who recently moved to Pomona from Chicago. Maybe because the semester isn’t in swing yet, there was no line. I repeat: No line. No line? No lie. This, it must be said, compares favorably with my other visits, in which I waited for a half-hour to an hour to order. I didn’t mind — I know the New Diner blogger disagrees — but for me, waiting with friends, or even alone, as part of a special occasion isn’t a big deal. The novelty factor still applied.

Much better, though, not to have to wait at all. The truck parks at Valley and Temple boulevards from 6 to 8:30 p.m., then goes to the City of Industry. The schedule is here. The wait might still be short for now.

Above are two tacos, the signature short rib, left, and calamari; below is a kimchi quesadilla. The latter and the short rib taco, burrito and sliders are recommended. The calamari taco was okay; the tofu taco is better. Other menu items are as yet unexplored.

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  • Jeff Johannsen

    That kimchi quesadilla is one of my favorite dishes I have ever eaten. It doesn’t seem like kimchi and cheese could ever go hand in hand, but somehow they blend together perfectly.

    [I know what you mean. And inside a tortilla, yet. But it’s very good. — DA]