Restaurant of the Week: Crepes de Paris, Claremont

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Crepes de Paris, 540 W. 1st St. (at Oberlin), Claremont

A touch of Paris now graces Claremont in this crepes restaurant in the Packing House. It’s part of a small chain — based in Orange County, there’s a location in Victoria Gardens — but this version, which opened in August, has a lot of charm, some inherent to the Packing House and its wooden floors, floor to ceiling windows and plank-like walkway, some attributable to the restaurant layout and decor.



Outside are cafe tables and a take-a-book-leave-a-book cart; inside are wicker chairs and tables with tablecloths and fresh flowers. At the counter I ordered a spinach crepe ($9) and a blood orange soda bottled in France ($3.25).

A good, light meal, made more enjoyable by the French movie projected on the far wall on a flatscreen TV bordered by a “Cinema” frame. It was “The Red Balloon,” followed by “Chocolat.” For more free entertainment, you can watch them make your crepe through a window into the kitchen. A sign by the window encourages customers to mail postcards from Paris for display.

A reader of this blog was at another table with her family. She thought her St. Louis crepe could have used a sauce, but her crepes suzette for dessert was pronounced excellent. You can view the menu here; it has no descriptions, so it’s not very useful.

One of my fond memories from my trip to Paris earlier this year was buying a crepe with Nutella and banana from a sidewalk stand. It was served in a paper cone for walking. The prices at Crepes de Paris aren’t as good — $6 to $12 for a savory crepe seems high to me — but then, you won’t get jet lag visiting Claremont.

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  • David

    What restaurant was there before Crepes de Paris?

    [It was Maui Wowie (smoothies and coffee) first, then Packing House Coffee, I believe. Unless I’m getting them confused with the precursors of zPizza next door. If that’s the case, then the Crepes space was retail before. — DA]

  • DebB

    Thanks for the review! Since you mentioned it in your column recently, I’ve been wanting to go try the crepes. I don’t suppose they are related to the Crepes Bonaparte food truck?

    [I doubt it. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I love crepes! I just discovered this little nook last week and got a take-a-way menu. I doubt if it is going to work with Weight Watchers, so it will have to be a special occasion, I guess.

    We used to have a little French restaurant in Montclair, about 20 years ago, “La Alouette”. My husband and I went there every week and had ice cream crepes for dessert.

  • The Crepe Nazi

    So Mr. Big Time Newspaper Boy…you think $6-$12 is too much for my crepes? Well, I have a four letter word for you, I mean I have four words for you…”NO CREPES FOR YOU!”

    [Maybe what they need is a mulligatawney crepe. Or jambalaya! (Some non-“Seinfeld” fan is going to read this and have no idea what we’re talking about.) — DA]

  • DebB

    Tried Crepes de Paris yesterday with my mom and niece. I had the smoked salmon, my mom had the shrimp and my niece had the chicken and spinach. Then we all shared the Royal – sweet crepe with strawberries and nutella. Like Shirley said, not very Weight Watchers friendly, but they were all delicious!