Column: Quincey gets zero, but Upland still sinking

Wednesday’s column (read it here) is about Monday’s Upland council meeting, sort of, although it’s more a roundup of Upland developments.

For starters, the ex-city manager’s attempt to get more money out of Upland relating to his termination was unsuccessful. While that’s probably good news for everyone but him, there are strong hints that city finances are in worse shape than expected.

On the one hand this, on the other hand that — in journalism, that’s how we roll.

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  • Babu Batt

    Oh that man with two B’s in his first name…he is a very, very, very bad man. That is one reason I did not open up a restaurant in that town years ago…the other reason was I got deported, but that’s a whole different episode, I mean, story.

    [If Mes Amis can have locations in Chino Hills and London, surely the Dream Cafe can have locations in Upland and the Seinfeld Universe! — DA]

  • Andy

    1600 hours of leave is only half of what was on the books? Why the heck am I working a private sector job? Even if I got paid less, the question is, how many months could I spend overseas on vacation each year and still collect a pension and not have the stresses of working in a private industry!