• shirley Wofford

    I went to the fair, last Wednesday afternoon, pre-programmed for disaster. (How anyone who planned the fair can think that what they put in the former building, that housed “Jurassic Planet”, an equal trade, is beyond me. I didn’t even go in.) Never mind the lack of dinosaurs–I consoled myself with the thought of heading to the baked-potato building for that delicious creation, a huge baked potato topped with butter, cheese sauce, and mushrooms.

    So I walked and walked to where the building was when I last saw it and it was not there. A man in a little game booth told me that the building had been condemned, and the proprietor lost his lease–and he didn’t know the location of any other baked-potato shack.

    So I went to the Administration office, and a very nice Administrator showed me to the street I needed to walk the length of, where I would find a baked potato. I found the nook, and ordered my usual. The young man in the booth replied, “We don’t have mushrooms”. OMG–“Who ever heard of a baked potato without mushrooms”, I said, to him. So, I ordered it with butter and cheese sauce. The next and final indignity was when he said, “That will be $9.25”. (The last one at the old building came with free butter and cost less than $7.00).

    I ate it at a nicely shaded picnic table with nice people who offered me shares of their fries–which I declined.

    I next walked through two exhibit buildings which were wall-to-wall people. Then I made my way through the Sheets art building, called the shuttle driver, and made arrangements to head home two hours earlier than planned. Another year–another fair–no dinosaurs and no mushrooms.

    Don’t ask–I will just answer: “I don’t need any cheese. It’s my pity party–I deserve it, and I am going to have it!”

    [We’ll toast your pity party. I will say, though, that the dinosaur replacement, “Genius,” certainly had its moments. — DA]

  • DebB

    I’m usually there opening weekend, but this year it was just too hot. I finally made it there yesterday, and today I’m feeling about twice as old as I really am. My feet are killing me!

    But, I enjoyed my day. I walked over at noon, donated my books and got in free. Then I wandered around wondering what to eat and decided on a bacon-wrapped Dodger Dog. Ate it listening to a guy playing his guitar and singing to a track of 60s-70s tunes, while folks rode the mechanical bull in the background.

    From there I checked out the garden building and the animals behind it, including the insects and reptiles. It was the wrong time for the dog show, and I was already hot and tired of walking, so I made my way to the real reason for my day at the Fair – the draft horse show.

    I sat at the horse show arena all afternoon watching mules and draft horses being ridden and driven. A friend joined me and we saw the parade – including the Budweiser Clydesdales – and then made our way to the home arts building.

    Walked back to the horse arena, got some BBQ for dinner and watched the evening draft horse show. Loved it! This is pretty much the only opportunity I have to watch these big guys that I love, so I go to the Fair the last weekend every year just to see them.

    There is so much I didn’t get to see this year, but I just don’t have the energy (or money) I used to!

    [It was so hot this year, I bet a draft horse would feel good. (Sorry.) I like the image of the people riding a mechanical bull in the background…sounds serene. I didn’t get to see as much of the Fair this year as I usually do, but I’ll try to do better next year. — DA]