Tweeting the debate

After work I stopped at San Biagio’s Pizza to eat, knowing the TVs are often tuned to CNN, so I could watch the debate. I ended up live tweeting commentary on my account @davidallen909. What the heck, here’s what I typed.

* As someone who never watches TV and gets his news from newspapers, this is the 1st time I’ve heard Romney’s voice. Or seen him move.

* By my count, Obama is ahead 2-0 on references to his grandmother.

* CNN live real-time graph of Colorado undecided voters as they struggle to decide if they are men, women.

* Analysis: Jim Lehrer’s eyes are actually black buttons.

* Obama has talked 33 mins., Romney for 30. Mitt has already cut hot air by 10%.

* That’s the Declaration of Independence behind them? Thought it was Mormon Bible, Koran.

* Obama has talked 38 minutes, 35 for Romney, 3 minutes left. Just let Romney take it all.

* “What would you do about partisan gridlock?” Candidates: Reach across aisle, strangle other party.

* With debate over, Romney can thaw out frozen smile, Obama can unclench jaw.

* Obama debate coach is more assertive than Obama was.

* Michelle Obama: “You celebrated our anniversary by losing the debate? You’re sleeping on the sofa.”

* Poll: Undecided voters let phone ring when pollsters call, can’t decide whether to pick up.

* Is that James Carville or Voldemort?

* Exclusive photo of Obama debate performance!

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  • shirley wofford

    I recall hearing the pundits say on TV today that Romney’s debate handlers were being careful that he be rested and they were giving him breaks with his family.

    That stategy evidently paid off. The President was obviously sleep deprived–a couple times I feared he would fall on the lectern. As Chris Mathews opined–he appeared to be enduring rather than relishing. I bet there is a lot of shouting going on right now–who will get the blame for sending the President out there unprepared.

    Not a good night.

    [At least he didn’t check his watch. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    This is a train wre…………………….! Very funny, David.

  • Dee

    Thank you, David.

    That’s the first real laugh I’ve had over “politics” in quite some time.

    [You’re welcome. — DA]

  • Ren

    They both didn’t impress me at all, I give them both the Big Bird.

  • I was listening on my car radio and ended up turning it off after 20 minutes. Perhaps I would have lasted longer if I had San Biagio pizza in front of me.

    [San Biagio pizza improves everything. — DA]