Column: Electronics giant may need GPS to find own store

Wednesday’s column (read it here) begins with an item about a new Best Buy in Chino that the retailer seems to think is in Chino Hills. What’s funny is that this began as a one-line item about the new store, which I learned about from my Sunday advertising circular. But once I set out to determine the store’s location, things got more interesting, as you’ll see.

Following that are various items from around the valley and a plug for the Pomona Public Library’s Adopt-a-Magazine effort.

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  • warren

    I thought Best Buy in Georgia had location problem. A few years back, I had an occasion to send a complaint to the District Office of Best Buy in Duluth, GA. I received a reply to the letter five months later. The reply was dated about a week after my letter, but postmarked five months after that. It appears that they could not move a letter from a desk to outgoing mail.

    [Perhaps a lot of middle managers had to review the letter. — DA]

  • Andy Sze

    If the POmona PD got rid of the the annoying MD500e helicopter, could library keep on operating?

    1.1 mil for the aircraft, probably at least a 1 mil in avionics. Ground crew, routine maintenance, fuel, dispatch, deputy, pilot, insurance …. etc etc.

    [A guest column on our Opinion page the other day asserted that the City Council costs more than the library. I know which one I’d rather have. — DA]