Blog down for upgrade

We’re switching to a new blog provider, as are all the other blogs at this newspaper and in this chain, a move that will change the look, presumably for the better, as well as the functionality, ditto one hopes. Our final destination: WordPress. All the past content is supposed to migrate along with the blog. Let’s hope this works as it’s supposed to.

In the meantime, I won’t be able to add any new content for an estimated 48 hours, and I doubt you’ll be able to either. This is due to occur Tuesday and Wednesday. Will it? I’m posting this notice so it’s here as an explanation at whatever time this blog goes dark. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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  • Ramona

    Tap, tap tap!!.


    Is this thing on?

    Can you hear me now?

    Checking to see if I can still post acerbic notes and stuff.

    • davidallen909

      You can. Whew!

  • SAWZ

    It is Oct. 28–I am both surprised and delighted to see you using Disqus. I have been on Disqus with other news sources before–one went over to Facebook, and the Sac Bee decided its users must pay. Disqus allows for the editing of one’s comments, and replying to another’s comment is so simple. No social networking is required–which I like. I wonder what type of control, you have, David, when it comes to moderating comments–how does it work? Do you feel like you have been taken over?

    • davidallen909

      I do, a bit. I used to tidy up people’s comments from time to time, like fixing spelling and sometimes grammar, but I don’t have that ability now…perhaps a good thing.

      I am the official moderator but I don’t know how to do anything here yet but reply to people. Typically, there was no training on any of this, so I’m learning as I do this and am thinking of questions to ask as I figure out what I don’t know.

      At this point I can’t find (or don’t know how to find) reader comments other than by checking the “Recent comments” section, whereas before I had behind-the-scenes access and knew instantly how many there were and could read them all and reply if I chose.

      If one day I get more than the five comments visible in “Recent comments,” I won’t know they’re there, especially if they’re on very old posts, as often happens. It might be that there’s a way to find them that I don’t know about.

      I’m glad you like Disqus, Shirley, and I hope most others will too. The registration process is simple and presumably it also intercepts spam, yet I was worried it would turn people off, you among them, so I’m relieved, really, that that’s not the case.