Upland rivals keep on truckin’


Campaign pickup trucks for Upland mayoral candidates Gino Filippi, left, and Ray Musser wound up next to each other at a red light as they prepared to cross Euclid Avenue one recent day. Reader Richard Armour, who was stopped behind them, took the photo.

Filippi was in the passenger seat of the truck at left, which also had signs for council candidate Bill Velto, whereas Musser was not in the other truck, only campaign volunteers. “They stopped at a red light right in front of me and started giving each other a ribbing. It was hilarious,” Armour said.

At least they didn’t peel out in tandem when the light changed.

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  • Allan

    I quite like Richard Armour.

    From http://www.soppl.org/in-the-news/
    July 1964 Excerpt from Richard Armours speech at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the current Pomona Library building. A library is the cultural heart and center of a community. (has a 5min audioclip of his actual speech)

  • Bob House

    Is “reader Richard Armour” related to THE Richard Armour?

    [No, but it’s a natural question. — DA]