Metrolink on track for its 20th anniversary Friday

Friday’s column (read it here) begins with the news that Friday marks 20 years for Metrolink service. We’ll make a bigger deal out of 25 years, but 20 seemed long enough to merit some ink, and I learned a few things about the system to boot. If Metrolink fan Shirley Wofford doesn’t comment on this, we’ll all be very disappointed. After that long item comes a bunch of cultural notes.

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  • Andy Sze

    Destination was Critical Mass Los Angeles ride for 10/25 Friday. Was going to carpool with coworker until he hurt his foot at work. Plan B metrolink. Metrolink hits someone in Fontana, 15 mins earlier. All trains delayed. Not a great way to start off the anniversary regardless of who’s fault. Now for Plan C.

  • StupidHappyIdiot

    RE: “the character Leporello
    brought out a little black book and boasted that his master had women in
    “every country, every district, every village – Germany, Italy, Spain
    and even Pomona!””

    I bet that little black book is nothing compared to Gov. Romney’s binders full of women. If they ever turn the debates into a musical, he could use that line to break right into “Mambo Number 5”

    • davidallen909

      I would pay to see that.

  • SAWZ

    Hi David,
    No, I wouldn’t miss a Metrolink discussion. I have been away for the last ten days, and one does miss a lot when they are gone–I wasn’t aware that Friday was a big anniversary. As I have told you in my many posts previously, Metrolink was a happening that I had never expected to occur in my lifetime. My spouse was a carpenter who had to drive freeways daily, and he did not want to travel them for entertainment purposes too. I first used it to go to matinee Dodger games. In the beginning, my friend and I were lost. We learned how to get to First and Olive to get the bus that went to the stadium and how to get food–ninth floor of the County Building. Things just went on from there–experiences that could never have happened without Metrolink. A former work colleague and I had planned an excursion to the Museum of Natural History via the new Expo rail line on Oct. 2, but we postponed due to the forecast of 102 degrees in LA. I think this thing is telling me to stop now–good luck with the new format.

    • davidallen909

      Is there a limit on how long comments can be? Sorry to hear that…although we could have used that feature in the days when “Hal Linker” was writing mini-novels in the comments.

      • SAWZ

        I think the moderator program decides when a post is getting too long. I have seen posts that are much longer–I don’t understand the method, but once my post gets a little too long, the words don’t want to print.

  • SAWZ

    As you can see David, and it is a surprise to me, this has been my screen name for the Sac Bee. So you are on Disqus now–I was on the comment forums with the Bee until they told me it would cost $6.95 month to continue reading its paper. I had been blocked since–was able to get on in WA state, where I was in a Library. Now, I am home, I have been getting in and today, I got in a little ding about the Mungers–guess they haven’t caught me yet–When they do, they will probably remove it.
    If I had been on the ball, and saw your item earlier about the talk by Megan D. of the LA Times, I would have attended in Claremont. I have read and enjoyed her column.