James Bond classics parachute into Ontario library

Sunday’s column (read it here) has items about a trio of Bond movies to screen for free at the Ontario library; a couple of pleasant physical changes to the same facility; some valley vignettes (one about the new sign in front of our building); an anecdote about the “Argo” filming at ONT; and a local astrologer’s prediction for the presidential race.

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  • Doug Evans

    Hello David! Sitting down with a late Sunday evening cup of coffee, checking out your new blog, clicking over to today’s column, minding my own business and not thinking a bad thought about anyone and PHLPPPPPTPPPHLTTLLPT (the sound of coffee hitting the computer screen)… “You Only Live Twice” a better movie than “Goldfinger”?? And… once I’ve gotten over that shock… “Tomorrow Never Dies” better than “Goldeneye”??? (I will give you that “You Only Live Twice” is a good enough movie on its own… something that, alas, “Tomorrow Never Dies” can’t say…)

    I mean, I know that opinions are subjective and all and friendly “discussions” about Bond movies (or old vs. new Star Trek, or Marvel vs. DC, or whatever) is all part of the fun of being alive… But I guess I’m just saying don’t be too surprised if your higher-ups at the Bulletin move you and whatever remains of your journalistic credibility to the curb and give your column space to, I don’t know, Doug Evans from Chino Hills or something like that. Or maybe one of those new people from the San Bernardino Sun. I’m just saying.

    (Your Roger Moore choice is spot-on, by the way.)

    • davidallen909

      Thank goodness I got one of them right.

      I watched all the Bond movies in order a few years back and those were my judgments at the time, coming into most of them cold (up to that point I had only seen a few of them, and none of the Connerys). To be honest, I’ve forgotten the plots of most of them. In some cases, I forgot the plots as I watched them.

      So, I remember You Only Live Twice involving that amazing villain’s lair that was like a dome, and people rappelled down on ropes from the ceiling, but nothing else, and offhand I remember absolutely nothing about either of the Brosnans.

      I probably shouldn’t say this, but I liked the two Timothy Dalton movies, finding them (20 years on) to be like dry runs for the Daniel Craig version, but I know a lot of fans hate them.

      • Doug Evans

        Yes! All mock-snarkiness aside… All the Bond movies are fun (even if some are a bit goofier than others), and they’re all good choices! Well, maybe not so much Tomorrow Never Dies, but I suppose I can be willing to let that go. 😉 My wife and I did what you did, about 15 years ago… borrowed the movies on VHS from a friend and watched them in order. Fun, but the plots really do start to run together that way. I absolutely agree with you on the Daltons… We really liked them and him as Bond, and I feel bad for the bum rap that guy has gotten. And I really really like Daniel Craig… The most recent movie (Quantum of Solace) may not have been all that, but I thought Casino Royale is possibly the best Bond movie I’ve ever seen (heresy to Connery fans), and I’m looking forward to Skyfall.

        OK! I’ve geeked out enough about Bond for one day. Time to go read more articles about Disney making Star Wars Episodes 7-9.

        BTW, looking forward to this month’s Reading Log! I’m going to make a much better showing than my goose-egg last month!

        • davidallen909

          Our Bond tastes aren’t dissimilar, then. And you’ve reminded me I need to take a photo of my October-read books and write a blog post about same!

  • SAWZ

    I have never been a follower of the 007 series–but, “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”, made me want to see more of Daniel Craig. “Skyfall” is coming to the Laemmle in Claremont on Nov. 9–the trailer looks inviting, especially when you see Ralph Fiennes and Judy Dench in a scene. The theater is having $7/Tuesdays right now. The holder of a Premier Card can attend on a Tuesday for $5 and add a box of popcorn for one-dollar.

    • davidallen909

      That’s a good deal.

  • SAWZ

    Interesting to learn that there was some filming of, “Argo”, in Ontario. I saw it last week. It makes one proud and thankful to be an American.