Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

62701-campaign2012 002.JPG

So who do you like in the election? I’m leaning toward Gun Show, although Credit Repair makes some good points. Seen in Ontario at 4th and Via Asti, west of Ontario Mills.

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  • I love signs….but then again I own a sign shop.

    • SAWZ

      Good. It helps the economy. Even those nasty flyers coming in the mail are feeding some printer’s kids.
      When we were traveling south on I-5 in northern CA, we kept seeing a sign for a candidate named Robinson and another sign saying that Robinson thinks CA should abolish the entire public school system. I bet he is an interesting one.

  • Check out which candidates signs are all over vacant lots and empty buildings. Are they bragging about what they haven’t done for our economy? They seem to scream out “vote for us. The kings and queens of desolation and we will give you more of the same”

    • SAWZ

      I agree it is a blight, but a temporary one. The judgment will come when we see who’s signs are not removed.

  • StupidHappyIdiot

    You’ve tried credit repair and that didn’t work. You tried bankruptcy and that
    didn’t work either. The obvious choice is Gun Show 2012! Great track record as a
    strong negotiator while being known to work across the aisle to get things done.
    Got a problem? Vote for the Tea Party-endorsed Problem Solver. Gun Show 2012 — Let Freedom Ring!

    • davidallen909

      “My name is Gun Show and I approve this — *BLAM* — message.”

  • Gun Show in Victorville huh? The meth heads will be out in full force!!!