Blog update

This blog is getting back on track. The Category listings returned last week, allowing you to search for local restaurants by city again, look at funny photos and what have you. The search function up at the top works. Still waiting on the Links blogroll, an RSS feed* and a few other bells and whistles, as well as for the “Just another insidesocal Sites site” line to vanish from the top. Be patient; our online overlords have dozens of sites across the L.A. basin to attend to.

For you social media mavens, a button to find my Twitter page is brand new, and you can find a bewildering array of buttons at the end of each post to share it in any of 10 (!) ways, including by good ol’ email.

If you’ve tried leaving a comment, you’ve found we’re now using a system called Disqus. (As in, “discuss.”) You do have to create a password, but that’s as tricky as it gets. No more of the Captcha unreadable-text-in-a-box to transcribe. Disqus evidently keeps out the spammers, at least it has so far, and that’s good news; previously I was deleting a couple of dozen spam comments per day.

Feel free to comment on any of the changes if you like, and if you’re having difficulty here, email me at david (dot) allen (at)

* Reader Carl Knecht says that while the old RSS feed is dead, he found the new one:

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  • While the old RSS feed is defunct, there is a valid, working RSS feed for this site (which is how I originally read this article) Feed address is

  • I had no trouble getting the RSS feed by using the subscribe feature in Firefox.

  • Ramona

    OK, I’m signed up, signed in, with password (if I can remember it) in place.

    Let the good times roll

    • davidallen909

      Yay! It wouldn’t be the same blog without you, Ramona. (For the record, it would be worse, not better.)