• Ramona

    It’s finally over! No more TY ads! No more jammed mailboxes! If this is just a dream, please, nobody wake me.

    And best of all, everything went just as I hoped – with one exception.

    Feel free to mumble among yourselves to guess what the exception was.

    Clue: It was a Proposition.

    Onward we go into the midst of the already-existing Christmas madness.

    • davidallen909

      I was disappointed the death penalty measure died.

      • Ramona

        Ding, ding, ding! You win! No prizes involved. Just the satisfaction of being correct.

  • SAWZ

    I was pleased with the results of the Presidential election and ecstatic, statewise, that we sent the billionaires and their big money packing, regarding Propositions 30 and 32. (Shame on the DB’s Editorial Board for endorsing, “Yes”, on Prop. 32.)

    I was dissappointed to learn that a local congressional contest was decided, as it was, due to a few million dollars from Bloomberg, buying a TV ad during the last week of the campaign. The political process, for any one election issue, that should be decided by the voters in each, respective, district, has been totally taken out of their hands, by the infusion of cash from sources, on the other side of the country. If I had known about it before I voted, I would not have cast the vote that I did.

    The Montclair City Council race was the dirtiest, local campaign I have ever seen. I hope that dysfuntional “family” will get back to the Table and straighten things out before 2014. I don’t ever want to see another Council campaign, like that one, again.

  • Joey Catuara

    I am impressed by the intelligence of the California voters, not to be confused by confusing wording in the propositions.

  • Disappointment that the Pomona library will not get the funding that it needs. However, Measure X did have the highest support of any candidate/measure on the Pomona ballot, so that’s at least encouraging.

    Still not sure what happened with Measure U. It didn’t raise taxes, had no cost, and would have brought our charter into line with how things are actually done in the city (along with a few much needed reforms).

    It appears that this was a VOTE NO on everything election in our city.

    • SAWZ

      So sorry. From a distance, I am guessing that a parcel tax was not the way to go–a small sales-tax increase might have turned the tide. Every town/village needs a library–it is the one place where everyone is welcome.

      • StupidHappyIdiot

        Only if the money generated from such a sales-tax increase actually makes its way to library funding, which is unfortunately doubtful, given the city’s track record of disproportionately cutting from the library. The parcel tax would have ensured funding which the city could not allocate elsewhere but would require 2/3 approval. Perhaps a lack of confidence in city management and the collective oversight and leadership of the council made the otherwise tough decision of recommending a parcel tax over a sales-tax easier.

        • Andy Sze

          ahh.. I see.. so you’re saying that general sales tax just gets dumped into a general fund with no guarantee where it ends up. Couldn’t they have lawyered it so that it is destined for the library?

          Another reason I was apprehensive about the parcel tax is that it appeared to be a tax of infinite term. there seemed to be no wording that would account for inflation / deflation nor did it say what would happen to current funding.

      • Andy Sze

        I would have supported a sales tax increase where everybody would be taxed since everybody consumes. I wonder if the proponents of Measure X targeted renters? Though renters have voting powers parcel to affect parcel taxes, parcel taxes are not directly levied on them. The proponents could have to gone apt to apt, “vote Yes on X, cause it doesn’t affect you.. why you care. just vote yes!”

        In retrospect, my coworker convinced me to change my mind about Measure X the day before the election, but since I had voted early there was no turning back.

  • Local, sad that Paul Vincent Avila won for Ontario City Council. However the Ontario-Montclair School District will be rather pleased to know that he will be gone. I think the city council needs to be ran in 5 districts selected by area and voted by the district with 1 at large seat and 1 mayor seat.

    Measure P won, I feel sorry for the taxpayers who voted for the school bond. It was the 2nd highest school bond in California and with this area experiencing high foreclosures it did not seem like a good idea. The bond should of been half the size and for 30 years not 40.

  • Andy Sze

    I was most disappointed that LA County Measure B passed. What a way kill an industry possibly worth hundreds of millions in SoCal. They just flee to AZ and FL where production costs are cheaper.

  • Bob House

    Pretty sure I was the only one at my polling place who was a college classmate of Mitt Romney . . . for whom I did not vote.

  • SAWZ

    Its nice that Florida finally joined the party–again.
    I see that a dead pig dressed like Romney was left at a campaign headquarters in Long Beach. I wonder how they dressed a pig, “like Romney”. Last time I looked, he was wearing normal “man” clothes–just like Obama.