The 909 turns 20. High five, dude!

Sunday’s column (read it here) begins with an anniversary: the 909 area code’s. That’s followed by some short items and an update on the Chino/Chino Hills confusion. Your comments on any of the above are welcome, of course, but recollections of the switchover in 1992 from the 714 to the 909 would be of special interest.

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  • calwatch

    Well I was the one that was responsible for the language in Wikipedia. If you had a pulse phone, 909 is the worst area code possible under the NANPA system (first and third digit 2-9, middle digit 0 or 1) because of the length of time to dial. Major cities were given shorter area codes than minor states not for any preference, but because the traffic to these areas was much bigger and so the longer the pulses took, the longer the system would be tied up.

    • davidallen909

      That’s what I would have assumed regarding cities and shorter pulses. Nice of them to save such a complicated area code all these years just for us!

    • But does it make any difference in reality since we no longer DIAL phones. It seems really easy to punch 909. 714 is a little harder so I think we actually got better.

  • Bob House

    To bring my participation on the DA blog full circle while simultaneously proving I’m a geezer, I return to the first topic I ever posted on, lo those many years ago. My recollection is that the 714 to 909 switch was easier to remember than the previous (1950s) LYcoming to NAtional switch.

    • davidallen909

      Don’t carry this coming full circle thing too far, Bob, or else you’ll decide your work here is done. We can’t have that.

  • SAWZ

    I’ve had the same land-line phone number for 50 years. I can’t even remember if we got on when it was LYcoming. Then we were 714, and I can’t remember when we became 909.

  • Andy Sze

    Diamond Bar is definitely not the IE. Pomona, Chino Hills, Claremont.. arguably not in the IE. The Yogurtland store on Colima and Fairway (which is across the street from Walnut) touts itself as the Walnut store when it is actually in Rowland Heights. The other store in Rowland Heights on Fullerton and Colima, claims to be the true Rowland Heights store.

    Some of the old phones at Cal Poly still carry the old 714 area code on them.

    • davidallen909

      Yeah, RC is definitely IE, even quintessentially IE.

      • Andy Sze

        just FYI, for additional defiance, my phone number is a 626

  • Ramona

    I can remember when 213 was added as a necessary area code for parts of Los Angeles. Some of my co-workers got careless and ended up talking to some stranger in New York City where the area code is 212. Much swearing ensued.

    • davidallen909

      NYC, LA…only one digit apart, and yet so different in so many other ways.