Your two cents: “Liberal a-holes…”

In Friday’s column I wrote: “While it was no shock that Barack Obama won a second term, and won California, did you know he carried San Bernardino County? He got 51 percent to Romney’s 46 percent. Remember that the next time you read those anti-Obama, ‘wake up, America’ letters on our Opinion page. They don’t reflect majority sentiment.”

A voice mail left on my phone Friday morning from an anonymous caller before I got into the office, quoted in full: “Liberal a-holes spent eight years writing about Bush in the Bulletin letters section. I never heard you remind them he won the popular vote in San Bernardino County. Why was that? C’mon, put down your Obama poster and get out of bed. Fool.”

My point was that Obama carrying conservative San Bernardino County was a surprise. I don’t think Bush carrying conservative San Bernardino County surprised anyone, did it?

Reasonable people may disagree — question: are there any reasonable people left? — but I did enjoy additionally pointing out that, given the 909’s reputation, we must not be as Republican as we used to be. I was directing the comment partly to the rabid Obama-haters that they ought not to assume everyone agrees with them, but also to those on the other side of the fence, who might appreciate the perspective that a majority locally may agree with them.

Anyone want to toss in their two cents on this fellow’s two cents?

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  • SAWZ

    I think that people like this caller are becoming more surly and hateful than they normally are, due to the economic troubles. The caller probably doesn’t realize that the oursourcing of jobs offshore and the closing of 60,000 factories during the Bush administration was the cause of 25 million people being out of work in this country. It is a situation that could not be solved over the last four years, and it won’t be solved during the coming four years.

    I am not able to understand why those who hate Obama are in such fear of him. He was there for four years and did not put all of the workers into socialist factories. I am more afraid of all this super-pac money deciding how we are going to be governed, than I am afraid of Obama. Obama publicly castigated the SCOTUS for making the decision that allows the billionaires to run wild.

    I am also very dissapointed in the majority of voters in San Bernardino county, who voted, “No”, on Prop. 30. Guess they thought the State is not worth saving–they probably haven’t seen this state beyond their local boundaries. I’m sure glad there were voters elsewhere, who disagreed.

  • Ramona

    My favorite response to the Obama haters is an image of Big Bird that I saw with the caption, “Who’s unemployed now, b*****?” (referring to a female dog)

    I hope these unhappy folks can put it all aside soon and get on with their lives. They must be a real joy to live with. Or perhaps the entire family grumbles together.

    Christmas is on its way, people. Let’s all get on with the Ho, Ho, Hos.

  • Bob House

    A lot of people who previously thought they had everthing figured out because, with no supporting evidence, thought they had become political scientists, did not learn the lesson that ignorant paranoia is not an effective political strategy. I fear this will be a continuing problem.

  • SAWZ

    Just heard on the NBC late news tonight that a woman in AZ was mad that Obama won, and she ran over her husband with her car, because he failed to vote. He survived but critically hurt. That is taking political views way too far.

    • davidallen909

      That only makes sense if Romney lost by one vote. And he won Arizona, didn’t he?

      • SAWZ

        What makes sense about those who hate/fear Obama?

        • davidallen909

          Well, nothing, obviously. I was kidding. It’s scary to take an election loss out on your spouse. They probably had other issues.

          • Bob House

            Take it from an Arizonan, it could have been just the election.

  • Andy Sze

    What I find frightening is that anti obama folks don’t want to discuss, analyze or reason. after the election, I decided to revisit history and watch past victory speeches by bush, and past debates with kerry to see how the tone of politics has changed. Trying to explain to the anti obamas.. this was an exercise in futility.