James Bond fixture on screen for .007 seconds

Sunday’s column (read it here) has items about the cameos by James Bond’s producer (a Harvey Mudd alum), a TV shoot in downtown Pomona, a minor addition to downtown Ontario, a reader’s Mayfair Hotel memory and the restaurant that will replace Claremont’s Harvard Square.

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  • SAWZ

    I ddin’t know or I would have watched for him. I don’t even remember the casket scene you refer to. I was so enthralled with the opening sequence and the singing by Adele, nothing else mattered.

    • davidallen909

      There’s a room of flag-draped caskets and Judi Dench is looking at them. Apparently Wilson is in the hallway outside.

      • SAWZ

        Now, I remember. I didn’t follow the series before, but I think I understand that we are not supposed to understand, exactly, how all the pieces fit–it is just for enjoyment–especially the cast in this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Javier Bardem got another Oscar nom.
        As for the Harvey Mudd grad, who has been an extra in all the Bond films–I bet he has been having a lot of fun all these years–being a lowly extra, while really being a managing partner. A lot more fun, than being a, “mad scientist”. Or did he actually go into a field connected with his schooling, too? Maybe the pyrotechnics.