The air was hot but the bills stayed cool

My home’s lack of air conditioning was a topic here last summer when our heat wave made things a trifle warm for me, as well as for some of you likewise in an older home.

Unlike the mercury, though, my electricity bills didn’t spike. Here’s the very light damage: June: $9.59. July: $11.26. August: $10.83. September: $10.85. October: $10.93. I don’t know what the average a/c user pays, but it’s gotta be more than that.

My utility bills will rise this winter, as I have a gas wall heater and an electric space heater. And I’m almost never warm enough. If only some of that summertime heat inside my house could be stored somehow and released as needed during winter…

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  • I have AC and my bills are about the same- I have the SCE Summer Discount Plan, yes they can turn off my air (happens maybe once a summer?) but for $10 bills with AC, I will take it! I should mention I have a small house (960 sq feet) and we don’t have the air on during the day when we are not home or overnight.

    • davidallen909

      That’s a great deal, Ann. Contrast that with poor Bob House, above.

  • SAWZ

    You will never be accused of not being frugal, David. Congratulations.
    Our highest electric bill (with a/c) for this hot summer was $212. I think we are average users. Our winter bills usually average $50, for gas and electric, each.
    I recommend that you purchase an electric blanket for use in the winter, unless you have have an animal that sleeps on your bed, that might scratch/chew into the wires in the blanket. It would be heaven, I guarantee. Just set the control on, “HI”, about one hour before your bedtime, and turn it off when you turn in. It would be preferable to running a heater, wall or central, during the night.

  • Ramona

    SCE gets me for around $25.00 in the summer with the A/C set at 82 degrees. Yes, one could say I love hot weather. Winter months jump a bit ’cause I hate being cold and aim for the low 70s and grab a sweater. Another $10.00 maybe. I have a 1010 sq/ft and I am home more than I’m gone. Much better than the early days of wall heaters which only heat the three feet directly in front of them. But I do miss standing in front of one first thing in the morning to get warm.

    Sawz’s recommendation of using an electric blanket to warm the bed is a good one. Toasty sheets and blankets when turning in. Luxurious!

  • Bob House

    Unfair comparison, but our summer monthly electric bills here in Phoenix range from around $350 to just under $500. In July and August, overnight lows are in the 90s. All of which are low on the list of reasons I’d rather live in the 909.

    • davidallen909

      We’ll take you back anytime, Bob.

  • calwatch

    I grew up in Pomona without central air conditioning. We’d duck into grandma’s room which had a room air conditioner if it got really hot, but I learned to avoid the south side of the house. Incidentally I avoided the north side of the house during the winter since my mom didn’t turn on the floor furnace and would whine if I turned on the space heater.