Like China, Chino too has a Great Wall

You probably forgot, I almost did myself, but I asked readers recently (okay, three months ago) if they knew of a Great Wall of Chino. No one was more surprised than me to learn there is one. Wednesday’s column goes into detail. Above is one view of the wall’s end, or maybe its start, stretching east from Central Avenue into infinity, shot by reader Linda Takeuchi; below is a view almost two miles east, closer to Euclid Avenue, which I shot.

To the comparisons of the Chino and China Great Walls, I can add two more: Neither is visible from space, despite myths to the contrary concerning China’s, and also that while hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have died building China’s, Chino’s did not cost any lives. Whew.

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  • I ran along this wall with my running club about six months ago! None of us knew it was anything special… It didn’t occur to us to say, “You know, this is a really long wall!” We were running from Crossroads (now Veterans) Park in Chino Hills to the Chaffey College Chino campus, and the wall just happened to be there. If we do that route again, I’ll be sure to point out that a two-mile stretch of wall is kind of a rare thing to find in a city, and I’ll be sure to share the wall’s new official nickname!

    • davidallen909

      Since your group would only have seen a portion of the wall, I can see how you wouldn’t have taken much notice of it. When you get to the campus, the wall angles sharply away toward undeveloped land. But next time, you can fill everyone in.