Remembering, or not, Inn-Side Family Pizza

Reader John Herring writes:
“I came across your blog while researching an old restaurant in Montclair by the name of Inn-Side Family Pizza. It was located at 10325 Mills Ave. My grandmother used to play the piano there, and it was there, while visiting my grandparents in 1977, that I heard that Elvis Presley had died. My grandmother passed away years ago, but I have always kept a sticker from the restaurant that I received as a souvenir while I was down there. I was cleaning out a storage unit today and I saw this sticker and thought I would research it.

Could you please ask your readers if any of them remember the Inn-Side? My grandmother’s name was Phyllis Jennings, and my grandfather’s name was Leroy Jennings. She would play the piano and he occasionally played a wash-tub bass while she played.  They had moved to Phelan from Pomona, but they still drove to Montclair once a week so she could play the piano there. She also played the piano in a bar called the Thunderbird in Phelan.
I Googled the address, but it does not appear to be there anymore. My folks moved us to Northern California before I started kindergarten, and I have lived here ever since. I don’t really have many memories of my time in So-Cal, but I do remember the one time I was at this restaurant.”
I’d never heard of the Inn-Side, but surely someone has. If so, please leave a comment.
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  • Brian Hurst

    Hey Dave, it’s Brian Hurst. I moved to Phelan about 7 years ago. Fred’s Thunderbird is still kicking it. Just a few months ago they had to move across the street to make way for a new Rite Aid. The old building had a western theme and is run down. Rite Aid bought the property and will start the tear-down soon. The Thunderbird is now in the plaza on the corner of Clovis and Phelan Road in a newer building. I havn’t been in but they draw a crowd on the weekends.

    • davidallen909

      Well, that answers the Thunderbird part of the comment. Thanks, Brian, and nice to hear from you again.

  • Billy jack attack

    Did your Grandma and Grandpa ever play piano and bass at the Green Door on Central?

  • Steve Lustro

    Dave – 10325 Mills would have been (I believe) in the now-demolished Kingsley Plaza at the southeast corner of Mills and Kingsley. I will look for permits or files related to Inn-Side Family Pizza and let you know if I find anything.

  • Steve Lustro

    As a follow-up, I pulled the building permit jacket this afternoon and confirmed that Inn Side Pizza was, in
    fact, located near the south end of the Kingsley Plaza neighborhood shopping center.
    According to Building Division and business license records, Inn Side opened in
    mid-1967 (two years after Kingsley Plaza was built) and closed in mid-1987.
    Twenty years – a pretty good run. A business called BJ’s Tavern took over the
    space subsequent to Inn Side and lasted at the location until 1992.

    • davidallen909

      Kingsley Plaza is gone and the land now is home to Vista del Cielo apartments. Steve, thanks for the leg work (finger work?).