Mom and pop to pull the plug on Westmont Hardware

After 63 years in business, Westmont Hardware in Pomona (1612 W. Mission Blvd.) will close early next year. Above are owners Patsy Koning and Russell Riedel. The store was founded in 1949. Riedel started there as a teenager in 1967, became manager in 1975 and bought it in 1989. Sunday’s column is about the couple and the homey store, an anomaly in this day of big-box hardware stores.

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  • I’ll be going in today to say goodbye they will be missed.

  • Ramona

    I find the big-box hardware stores to be intimidating. They are geared toward contractors and heavy-duty building projects. For a lowly “just a homeowner” like myself to find something as insignificant as a faucet aerator can be a real challenge. Finding help from anyone on the floor is another problem. I still miss the Orchard Hardware that was in Rancho. I use Hoyt’s Ace Hardware on Archibald now. Small, friendly, helpful. I suppose that means their days are numbered.

  • Clark Burnett

    David, thank you for the excellent article regarding this business. For many of us who grew up in the Inland Empire this means a lot to us. It brings back some great memories and we all appreciate the fact that you do such excellent write-ups.

    • davidallen909

      Clark, I couldn’t ask for a better compliment. Always glad to hear my work is appreciated.

  • Billy jack attack

    Excellent write-up David, but you forgot to mention Le-sex shoppe was also their neighbor as well as a number of fortune tellers that operated out of their homes on mission. As a kid I moved into Pomona in 1980 and always found that particular aspect a little strange. My parents moves us kids from LA to a north Pomona neighborhood, but my grandmother would take me with her to Westmont because they had a Blue Chip stamp store on Mission close to the hardware store. Pomona was a whole other world back then.

    • Billy jack attack

      BTW, during the early 80’s there used to be a big cave on the side of the hills there in Westmont that was large enough to see from the 10 fwy. Some kids died in there in a cave-in, Officials dynamited the cave which blew out a number of windows on the surrounding homes. You have surprisingly been very thorough about your history of the area, is there any chance that you already have a story on the cave?

      • davidallen909

        As a matter of fact, yes, although I haven’t written about it in depth. I wrote two paragraphs about the event in my entry for the letter W in my Pomona A to Z series, which has its own category on this blog.

        • Billy jack attack

          David, once again “you da man!”