• DebB

    If I knew for certain that the Mayans were right, I’d just want to be with family and friends, not doing much. What would be the point of doing anything?

    Since I don’t think the world is going to end, I’m not going to change anything. I’ve still got Christmas gifts to finish up, and wrapping to do. Not to mention work (ugh). The truth is, the world could end for any of us at any time – last Friday’s events show us that.

    If the world does end on Friday, I hope it happens quickly – I’m not into pain.

    • SAWZ

      Agree with you on that–we only have the moment, for certain.

  • Ramona

    I would eat all the junk food I could hold. No more watching my calorie intake. No more 5 fruits and vegs a day. No more walking up and down the stairs several times a day ’cause the weather won’t let me walk outside.

    Some of that junk food would be eaten at the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. (Weather permitting.)

    I’d let my family and friends know, “It’s been a great ride.”

  • Celebrating my 19th Anniversary tomorrow, so that’s pretty good, right? Too bad (at least according to the Mayans) (or a lot of people who are totally and insanely misinterpreting the Mayan calendar) we won’t make it to the twentieth. I do plan on Saturday (assuming we’re still here) to post an facebook postcard I’ve seen, saying, “When you wake up on 12/22/12, run outside and scream, ‘THE DOCTOR DID IT! HE SAVED US!'” …That may only be funny to Doctor Who fans.

    • davidallen909

      It made me laugh, and I’ve never seen the show.

      • Billy jack attack

        I would have bet my bottom dollar that you were a Dr Who fan.

        • davidallen909

          I’m full of surprises.

    • uncle_ken_in_upland

      My 21st anniversary is Friday. I’m looking forward to a nice dinner at Flemmings on Saturday…on the first day of the new Mayan calendar.

    • John Clifford

      As a Loooonnnnngggg time Dr. Fan (back to John Pertwee’s version), I’m so going to do that. Thanks,

      • John Clifford

        Darn, got so caught up in actually living that I forgot to go out and yell. But I’m now sure that the Dr. DID save us all. Thanks to Gallifrey for providing us with such a wonderful time lord.

  • I’ve got a great plan, I’m not paying my cable bill until Saturday.

  • Gavin

    Along that spirit of thinking, why not do what we would do each day as if the world would end Friday.

  • SAWZ

    My daughter’s birthday is Friday. We are planning to have dinner with her and her family; an ice-cream cake is on the menu. We still expect that we will go through the day and wake up on Saturday morning.

    I hope that horrible happenings won’t occur, because of people preparing for the “end”–I heard a few on my car radio tonight: A woman called the station and asked if she should put her dog to sleep, so that it won’t have to suffer; a man in China just maximized his credit cards. Those were the very least of the worst things I heard about.

    • davidallen909

      Too bad the world couldn’t end only for the world’s dopes and continue for the rest of us..