No need to dress for meal out; staff doesn’t

Friday’s column begins with an item about an Upland cafe where the staff is wearing pajamas for the holidays. Some customers are too. Also, there’s the sad news that Claremont fixture Ray Collins, founding member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, is hospitalized after a major heart attack. And we have other news items from around the valley.

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  • calwatch

    On the 626 prefix issue, that prefix was already in use for decades as one of the ones in the Claremont-San Dimas exchange. Someone might know which mnemonic word it was assigned. Did you know that many superstitious Chinese people hated the idea of the 626 area code since it added up to the number 14, which is a very unlucky number in the Chinese language? Of course, after the change was made in the late 90’s and the San Gabriel Valley continued to be as prosperous as before, that was conveniently forgotten.

    • davidallen909

      NAtional was the mnemonic word for the 626 prefix.

    • Andy Sze

      Going back even more, it must have been auspicious to go from 213 to 818. And yes, the 626 is just as auspicious…considering the real estate in the 626.

      I used to have an ultra auspicious phone number. 909-205-6888. Then it became a 951… eventually i dumped it in favor of a 626 phone number.

      Montree Park also has an ultra auspicious prefix, the 288, My orthodontist may have one of the most auspicious of all, 626-288-2888. “Easy 發發發發!!!!”

  • Andy Sze

    For 8 years my phone number was 909-626-3245. The majority of my friends have 626 phone numbers. They get confused. A few days after I got my phone connected in 2003 I started getting errant phone calls. the majority of the calls I get are in Espanol similar to Ulrich. I went so far as to have a answering machine message in Espanol explaining that I don’t speak Espanol. that didn’t work, cause if the answering machine message was in Espanol, that was proof that I did speak Espanol. I then changed my answering message to say, “I no speaking Spanish” and then to further explain that I’m not from not from South American or any other country that speaks spanish that that I’m actually from Asia. The message was over a minute long, but no luck, the messages and calls kept coming.

    Six years later, I just unplugged all the phones and left the phones unplugged for 2 more years before I got sick of paying Verizon for crappy internet service.