Best fried chicken?

LA Weekly’s food writers love compiling top 5, top 10 and unnumbered best-of lists, which is smart because they’re as addictive to read as they must be to write. A friend sent me a link this morning to one list and I ended up reading a half-dozen. (Like Lay’s, you never can read just one.)

Among them is a 10 Best Fried Chicken in Los Angeles list and at No. 10 is (ta-da!) Donahoo’s in Pomona. Its box lunch consists, says the scribe, of “fries, which you can skip, and chicken, which you absolutely cannot.” No argument here. No. 1 is a place named Jim Dandy in South-Central.

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  • Charles Quinn

    I miss the Donahoo’s in downtown Ontario.

    • davidallen909

      There’s still the one on Grove above 4th Street.

  • SAWZ

    The best fried chicken I ever ate in my life was about 45 years ago at Knotts Berry farm. I tried to repeat the experience about 25 years after that–it didn’t work. I know time passes, but why the good food has to disappear with it too, I don’t know. I suppose I could take a guess–the good stuff was fried in lard, perhaps?

  • Alicia Alvarez Keetle

    Love Donahue’s! Even the fries, and especially, the ROLLS!

    • davidallen909

      What about the slaw? I love that too.

  • Billy jack attack

    God bless Donahue’s

  • Theodore Melendez

    can i put an honorable mention in for carls jr spicy chicken sandwich only a dollar ?