Happy New Year!

Hope it’s a good one for everyone who deserves it — which certainly encompasses everyone reading this blog.

Any wishes, resolutions or goals you would care to share?

As I write this, I’m still mulling what I’d like to accomplish in 2013, but professionally, one goal is to get around to some column topics, especially of a historical nature, that have been on my “wishlist” (or on my desk) for a long time. Of course my job involves following what’s new, but I want to keep an eye on the big picture and tackle a few more perennials.

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  • Ramona

    The best of the New Year to you as well, David.

    We trust you to keep us informed and smiling about the old and the new stuff we need and want to know. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’ll all get done.

    As for my resolutions. Many years ago I made one resolution. And that was to stop making resolutions. Too much expectation. Too much opportunity for failure,

    If I feel that something about me or my day-to-day life needs attention or changing, I change it. Then and there. So far, so good.

    • davidallen909

      As long as what you decide needs changing in your life isn’t your habit of reading and commenting here, we’re fine with that, Ramona.

      Indeed, the columns will get done (although it’s touch and go sometimes), but there’s always room for improvement, and to have a whiteboard of ideas staring at me, almost unchanging (because I never get to the old ideas), disappoints me. So, I’ll try to get to some of those ideas — or, as an alternative, I’ll chuck the whiteboard.

      • Ramona

        “As long as what you decide needs changing in your life isn’t your habit of reading and commenting here, we’re fine with that, Ramona.”

        Not a chance. You’re stuck with me!

  • It took me three days of thinking about it, but here are three resolutions I’ve come up with for myself:

    Work promise: I’m going to get my students’ papers back in a much more timely manner, which I’ve been promising myself for the last sixteen years, but maybe this year I mean it for real.

    Exercise promise: I’d like to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I’m giving myself till I turn fifty (six years from now), so I’m not stressing about it. But how cool would that be?

    Reading promise: I’m going to finish the final two books I have left to go in my fifteen-year-long read-one-Charles-Dickens-book-a-year project. (I’m saying two because I’m a year behind… but if I finish them both this year, I’m good.) This is the resolution I stand the strongest chance of actually following through on.

    Thanks again, David, for your column and blog… Here’s to a great 2013 and beyond!

    • davidallen909

      Good luck with all three resolutions, Doug. But especially the Dickens one.

  • DebB

    I don’t make resolutions, but if I did, one of them would be to figure out this Discus system. Yesterday it wouldn’t let me post, today it will.

    I turned 60 on Sunday, and I plan to make this a better decade for me than the one just ended – more work, more volunteering, more exercise, better (not more!) eating, more friends.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you, David, and to all my fellow followers of your writing. I’m praying this will be a much better year for all of us.

    • davidallen909

      It’s off to a fabulous start thanks to Congress raising our payroll taxes. Grr. Other than that, I’m anticipating a good year. Thanks for reading and commenting here, Deb. And happy birthday!

      • SeeSaw

        I’m not up on it all, David. Since I do not make $400,000/yr., why are my payroll taxes going up?

        • davidallen909

          Because payroll taxes had been temporarily cut as a stimulus measure two (I think) years ago, and that ended Jan. 1 and wasn’t extended. It’s on our front page today.

    • SeeSaw

      I have problems too, Deb. Once you are registered with Disqus anywhere you can’t change anything under the same e-mail address–or I probably just don’t know how. I would like to be just me on David’s blog, but I didn’t think of using my husband’s address in time to do that before I used it under this “handle”.

  • SeeSaw

    I fell off the “Weight Watchers” wagon before Thanksgiving and it is far in the distance right now. We have so many family birthdays coming up,. that I think it will be April before I catch up to it again. I told the program facilitator that I am not to worry about–I predicted, with everybody around, that she would be announcing me as, “Lifetime”, by next July. I shocked even myself with such a bold prediction.

  • SeeSaw

    I am resolving to use the free Metro-connecting transportation as much as I can before MTA locks the turnstiles next June. Yesterday I saw the floats–after getting to Union Station, it was free Gold-Line transportation to the Sierra Madre Villa stop and free MTA shuttle to the venue. Many other people on the bus with me were extolling how much easier it was to go Metro, instead of driving and paying for a parking spot. (Anyway, the floats were something else–one needs an extra hour, just to navigate around the wall-to-wall people.)

    We have been using Metro’s free transportation, now, for two years beyond its original planning date for locking the turnstiles. I resolve to ride the Expo Line and see the Natural History of Museum and the Discovery Shuttle before next June.