Huell Howser charmed, amazed with his local stops

The iconic TV host, who died Sunday night at age 67, made many stops in the Inland Valley in his travels. I chatted up some who met him for Wednesday’s column.

His archives are online at Chapman University’s website, where you can search by topic or city or watch clips.

Two local stops that didn’t make my column were at the Pomona Public Library, where he did a well-remembered segment on the Goddess of Pomona statue circa 1989, and Glendora’s Donut Man, a 1999 episode set to air again at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday on KCET.

Share your memories or comments about Howser below.

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  • Billy jack attack

    David, so you don’t watch DR Who and you didn’t watch Huell???? Do you at least watch Svengoolie? On a related topic, you are like our Huell Howser, but in print form. The one similarity I see between you and Howser is an appreciation for California that many native Californians take for granted. Keep up the good work sir.

    • davidallen909

      That’s good company to be in, thanks. Another similarity would be that we’re both Midwestern transplants. I watch virtually no TV — other than the presidential/vp debates, I don’t think I’ve watched anything since giving up on The Office a year ago — so nobody (or everybody?) should take my TV ignorance personally.

  • I once narrated a trip to my Grandma’s house in Huell Howser’s signature manner to battle the boredom of the road; I was amazed by everything in that godforsaken town!

  • donraymond

    Good guy, hung w/him in Hollywood on Halloween U left out Graber, Dave

    • davidallen909

      Graber is the first site mentioned in today’s column, Don.

  • I love the Goddess Pomona. My dad got a mini statue upon retiring I think that sculpture is soooo pretty.

  • He had a lot of episodes on PBS and who takes notes watching tv.?I belive he visited a meat processing plant in chino some place some time but I’ll let the reporter do the reporting. Nothing like starting the New Year being smarty pants ’round the blog 😀

    • davidallen909

      Since I do get paid for doing this, I checked his website (link above), and they have him visiting unspecified dairy farms in Chino in 1996 and 2006, and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency HQ in Chino in 2008.

  • SAWZ

    Huell went anywhere and covered things that nobody else would think of covering. As I had mentioned on your blog before, my husband and I ran into him at CA Plaza, about ten years ago. He was there to film a group that called itself, “Mud People”. They were dressed very skimpily, and they were covered with “mud” from head to tow–they just walked around on the plaza at the base of Angels Flight, and said nothing. When Huel came up to the Water Court level, I approached him. He was so nice, and he cordially posed for separate pictures with my husband and me. I still have the snapshots in my clutter. I had heard rumors of his being ill, when he retired recently, but did not expect the shock we got on the news Monday night. I bet that the public memorial scheduled at the Griffith Observatory next Tuesday will be highly attended. RIP, Mr. Huel Howser!

  • StupidHappyIdiot

    Let’s just get this done and over with using a template for anyone else wanting to complain: Hey [adjective], you forgot to mention Huell Howser’s show on [some otherwise obscure location or topic]. How dare you write a column with limited space and deadlines about a guy who created years of shows on Californiana and fail to mention [same otherwise obscure location or topic]. Nevermind the link you posted to the archives and all where I can view things myself. [adjective] reporter!

    It’ll be like madlibs for retards, self-confessed or otherwise.

    • davidallen909

      I’m laughing too hard to comment!

  • You and Huell both contribute my wife’s and I’s list of things to do and places to eat at. Maybe thats why I run into to you so much lol