• Not even aware of your own genius!

  • Pam Arterburn

    The Daily Bulletin is missing a revenue-generating opportunity: “David Allen’s Words to Live By T-Shirts!” Heck, I’d buy five or six!

    • davidallen909

      I don’t know that I HAVE any words to live by, Pam, but if you’re paying cash on the barrelhead for six shirts, surely I can make up something.

      • Bob House

        “Surely I Can Make Up Something” There’s a shirt right there.

  • rob alderete

    I’d buy a “Did I say that?” shirt

  • Ramona

    If you develop a catalog put me on the mailing list. I’d buy a couple ’cause I like graphic tees. I’d put yours in the lineup right next to my shirt from Dr. Strange Records. (A Christmas gift!)

    Will it ever be warm enough to wear tees again instead of two or three long-sleeved sweat shirts?

  • How ’bout an “I’d rather be at Disneyland shirt”?

    • davidallen909

      As I haven’t been to Disneyland since the ’90s, that wouldn’t be something I would say.