Restaurant of the Week: Burger Zone

Burger Zone, 1520 N. Mountain Ave. (at 6th), Ontario

In the Gateway Center off the 10 Freeway, Burger Zone is a locally owned fast food restaurant. I’ve driven past it frequently for two years, generally after stops at the comic shop in the same center, without ever going in. Needing lunch the other day after a comics run, I thought I’d give the place a try.

A banner over the entrance touts a $3.99 combo with a 1/4-pound burger, fries and soda, so I went for that. The result was what I expected, which was a decent meal but nothing special, but for $4.31 with tax, it was a cheap lunch.

Burger Zone has breakfast (eggs, pancakes, burritos, french toast), lunch (other burgers, other sandwiches such as pastrami, club and chicken fried steak on a bun, tacos and burritos) and dinner (shrimp plate, fried chicken and more). No salads.

Burger Zone’s next-door neighbor is a health clinic and two scrubs-clad employees were having lunch when I was there. Conversely, maybe too many burgers will send you over to the health clinic for treatment. Could be a win-win.

Kidding aside, there’s no need for you to drive across town, much less across the valley, to go here, but if you’re in the neighborhood, the restaurant is clean, the food is okay and better to support a local restaurant than a chain.

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