Geico money man

Geico was filming a commercial in downtown Pomona this week and the photographer known as Ren sent me this image. It is, he says, a man covered in (fake) money. (Do his friends tell him, a la “Swingers,” “You’re so money”?) A second photo showed two long rows of of parked motorcycles along West Second. How does the man wearing money factor in? I’m sure it’ll all make sense on TV.

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  • Bob House

    At the risk of exposing that I watch way too much television, I can tell you that the Geico “money man” has made previous commercials. The pitch is that (unlike the money man)” you’re not made of money, so go with Geico.”

    • davidallen909

      OK, that makes sense. Thanks for watching TV so I don’t have to!

  • Ramona

    Make sense on TV?

    One can tell you don’t watch much TV.

  • SeeSaw

    Well, just so long as they are not getting rid of the little green lizzard!