Super No Sunday

They say 1 in 3 Americans watched the Super Bowl, but that means 2 in 3 didn’t. I had hoped to do something big but decided I wasn’t up for an L.A. adventure and took it easy in La Verne and Claremont: a late lunch outside at The Habit, some work on my laptop out on the Panera patio and then to Coffee Bean to read. (I started “The Hunger Games” and raced through the first third.)

If you avoided the Super Bowl, what did you do?

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  • Ramona

    A friend and I took our lunch to a green belt area in our condo development and had a picnic. In early February!

    Then home to a little reading followed by a nap.

    Good times!

  • I walked/ran with my puppy, did laundry, studied for my comprehensive examination coming up in April. Yep. As for the Hunger Games, man that is a great book! Nothing like a little dystopic fiction to get you thinking and crying. It was pretty emotionally draining and disturbing. I saw the movie with my now fiance, I have never seen him cry like that. EVER. Really good books though I think I’ll have to see the other 2 movies by myself.

    • davidallen909

      I wish I’d started the book Friday because I probably could have finished it over the weekend, it moves so quickly. Instead, after reading the first 140 pages Sunday, I’ll be lucky to have time to read 14 pages today.

  • Jonnie Owens

    I went into Little Tokyo and had brunch at Far Bar. It was delightful!

  • Gavin

    Went to Bowers Museum, which had special events both outside and in. Then had a walking tour of Chapman Univ. and saw the Huell Howser special exhibit (small but aMAAAAZing). Lunch was in Tustin at a sushi place that I wished I did not trust, and so picked up some steaks and wine for dinner at home.

    • SAWZ

      Hope you know that Chapman is having a day to honor him this Friday from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. You can read all about it on the Orange Country Register site. The story of how he came to leave everything he owned to Chapman College is very interesting.

  • Went for a short run and read my book outside on our lawn chairs for a bit while my daughter rode her scooter up and down the street. My wife was inside watching the game. This is the same wife I had to drag to see Lez Miserables with me back in December. We are a couple from the Bizarro world. (FTR, my wife loved Les Miz.)

  • SAWZ

    Macaroni Grill sent me an online coupon to be used on take-out food for the game. They have a shrimp dish that I love and a pasta-shrimp dish that my husband likes. So it was food and watching “at” the game, which is always boring. I was glad to see SF make a showing before it was concluded, so that one brother didn’t completely wallop the other brother–helped make the whole family feel better, I’m sure. The commercials were pretty boring–but the cutest were both the baby in space and the E-Trade baby. Then, can’t leave out the baby Clydesdale. Guess I just love babies!.