Forgetting is also easy

I made a point of going to a Fresh & Easy on Tuesday night because I had a coupon to save $10 if I spent $50. It’s not easy for me to spend $50 at a grocery store but I boosted my total with a $12 detergent, even though I won’t need more for a month. When the time came to pay, I scanned various other coupons I had, saving $4.

It was only as I was leaving that I remembered my $10 coupon. D’oh. I spent $50 for nothing!

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  • DebB

    Don’t feel bad – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that! Frustrating!

    • davidallen909

      Yeah, I kept thinking, “$10 is a meal out!”

  • SAWZ

    Its easy to feel so pressured that you do things in a hurry like that. I had to go shopping last week for several valentines for family members along with some birthdays cards. It is so hard to find appropriate cards for specific people and it took me quite a while to come up with my batch that totaled $48 at the register. Then looking at them last night, I discovered two birthday cards for one family member. So it looks like I spent $4.99 plus tax for nothing. I was wondering if I should return it, but I guess I can save that one for his birthday next year, if I can only remember then that I have it and where I put it. So David, if you needed everything you bought, eventually, your purchase won’t be for nothing.

    • davidallen909

      True, my purchase won’t be for nothing, because I do need everything I bought. I doubt I’ll have be able to come up with $50 worth of purchases anytime soon, though, to enable me to use another of those coupons.

  • Ramona

    Coincidentally, I received my quarterly Ralphs coupons in the mail today. (Good thing it wasn’t Saturday!)

    The coupons total about $10.00 and are geared to stuff I buy regularly so they are somewhat of a help. Used to be worth more before they rolled over to points off on gas purchases which I have no need for since I don’t buy gas that often. I have become that “little old lady from Pasadena” right here in the 909.

    I put the coupons in my purse right next to the loyalty card that we must have to take advantage of any savings. That way they don’t get forgotten. Probably wouldn’t work for you as I doubt you carry a handbag.

    I think coupons are a conspiracy by the markets. They issue them to us to make themselves look good and then hope we forget to use them thus increasing their profit.

    YMMV. (Your mileage may vary.)

    • davidallen909

      I was carrying four pages of coupons printed off the Internet and was in the do-it-yourself line. I scanned all the other coupons individually but forgot the fourth page with the $10 off coupon. I can’t say I was rushed as I was checking myself out, but there was obviously one task too many to keep track of!

  • Heard those places were closing, guess not.

    • davidallen909

      The chain is for sale, but that’s all.

  • Andy Sze

    after reading your post I went out and used 4 or 5 fresh and easy coupons. they have great and interesting groceries, but their pre packaged produce is horrible, but alas, even the coupons could not save them.