Restaurant of the Week: Kealoha’s


Kealoha’s Taste of the Islands, 12206 Central Ave. (at the 60), Chino

Formerly part of the Honolulu Harry’s chain, this restaurant made a seamless transition in 2012 to become Kealoha’s, owned by a Harry’s manager (who’s a native of Hawaii) and featuring a similar Hawaiian menu and decor.

It’s a rare Inland Valley theme restaurant, from the palm trees in the parking lot to the bamboo-heavy interior. It hearkens back to the Polynesian-tiki era, only without the statues. (The location began as a Cask ‘n Cleaver and later was a Crabby Bob’s before becoming Honolulu Harry’s.) I had a good dinner there a few years back when it was Harry’s but hadn’t been back since it became Kealoha’s. To rectify that, a friend and I met there for lunch earlier this week.

The interior looked about the same to me, slightly kitschy but not over the top. We got items off the lunch menu: kalua pork for me, loco moco for him ($10 each). Mine (pictured below) was pulled pork with shredded cabbage and rice; his (pictured at bottom) was a beef patty with fried eggs, rice, gravy and onion straws. Each came with a side of macaroni salad. He liked his; mine was average. My portion seemed a little small and I wish in retrospect I’d had an appetizer because I left slightly hungry.

Kealoha’s has a bar, called the Mai Tai Lounge, and they have special nights. Fridays and Saturdays they have live Hawaiian music, and sometimes, Feb. 17 is the next, they have $45-a-head luau nights with a buffet and live entertainment. Cheaper than a plane ticket.

So, Kealoha’s didn’t wow me, but I’m glad it’s there and hope it thrives.

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    David you arew always hungry!

  • Bob Terry

    That was also an old Cask n Cleaver restaurant…among many others. I liked it best when it was a seafood place, but forgot what it was called…a little help?

    • davidallen909

      Crabby Bob Terry’s. I mean, Crabby Bob’s.

      • Bob Terry

        Geez! You would think I would remember that name.
        Bob Terry
        Silver Oak Landscaping, Inc.
        (909) 367-0314