Who really composed Frank Zappa prank of the ’70s?

Sunday’s column is a followup to one from last year about the prank that put Frank Zappa’s name and visage among the rank of great composers on the exterior of Pomona College’s Bridges Auditorium. It had seemed that a commencement speaker last year took belated credit for the 1970s incident, but now two other alums have stepped forward to say it was actually them. Yes, the Zappa incident just keeps getting weirder.

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  • DebB

    It seems that we can all look back to our high school/college days and remember pranks that we or others in our class played. In hindsight they seem so funny and harmless, and maybe they were. I’m just wondering, do students today still do funny, harmless pranks like this – pranks that go down in history, so to speak? Or has the world become too mean, too serious for that?

    • davidallen909

      Good question, Deb. There have been great, history-making pranks involving college football rivalries, but even those are a minimum of a couple of decades old, to my knowledge. Harmless fun seems to have been leached out of the world.