In Upland, there’s less tension over pensions

You could call it counterprogramming, but writing about an Upland council meeting instead of the Big Bear shootout was what you do when your deadline is 2 p.m. I might tackle that topic for Friday’s column. In the meantime, it was an interesting council meeting. You can read my column here.

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  • Ramona

    I, for one, have seen and heard much more than I care to about the Big Bear shootout. The news broadcast pre-empted the Judge Judy broadcasts. Now you know where my priorities lie.

    Seriously, if I never hear another word about “what’s his name” it will be too soon.

    But, having said that, I suppose I won’t be able to resist reading about it from your unique point of view.

    • davidallen909

      You had me worried for a paragraph there, Ramona. Oh, and my fingers are crossed that Judge Judy will be adjudicating again today, or soon.

      • Ramona

        Thanks, David. Crossing your fingers worked, mostly. Only lost a few minutes of JJ. on Wednesday.

        I’ll be back in touch with your fingers when I buy a lottery ticket.

  • DebB

    Between “what’s his name” and the SOU address, I have no idea who won the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament – last night was the final round!

    • davidallen909

      It was a tragic day all around.

    • Ramona

      DebB, Google “Jeopardy Teen Tournament” Videos are up.

  • SAWZ

    I recall reading after, the pension reform Bill was passed, that the law limits the miscellaneous contribution to 8% and 11% for safety. I wonder how that will shake out with the reported 9% that Upland’s miscellaneous employees will reportedly contribute.