Cucamonga and ‘The Californians’

In the latest “Californians” sketch on Saturday Night Live, the character Stuart says of an old friend: “We used to go sandsailing together. I’d get up at 6 a.m., take the 118 east to the 405 north, get on the 5 and then take that to the 210 all the way out to Ranchooo Cuuucamonga.” SNL has been good about including us in this geographic survey of SoCal; a previous sketch cited Chino. Watch the whole sketch here. Thanks to reader Alicia Keetle for bringing this to my attention.

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  • SAWZ

    Hilarious! I doubt that most people realize the work that goes into this crazy-raunchy stuff. I usually try to catch the opening skit, usually political satire,which I never tire of. I should have stayed awake for this. Good going, Alicia!

  • I checked a map and if you lived in Granada Hills, this would be a great way to get to Rancho. But where’s the sand sailing?

    • davidallen909

      I’ve never heard of sand sailing and wonder if it’s real or part of the joke!

  • DebB

    Pretty funny! I only recently learned that we in SoCal are the only ones who say “the” 405, “the” 57. Up in the Bay area where my brother lives, they just say 680, 88 – no “the”. I’ve also heard that we are fairly unique in that we judge distance in time rather than miles. As in, how far is it to LA from here? Oh, about 45 minutes if the traffic is good.

    • davidallen909

      Adding a “the” sounded weird to me when I moved here and now comes second nature, and it seems weird not to say it. “405” and “101” seem so naked.

      People only talk about miles when it’s an official boosterish source — “Ontario is just 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles!” — whereas it does seem more practical to note that that trip isn’t going to take 35 minutes.

      On the other hand, people always shave time off their commute to make their drive seem like no big deal. “Wow, you drive out here every day from Pasadena?!” “Eh, it’s only 20 minutes and I’m going against traffic. It’s pretty easy.” “Uh, okay.”