Pitha, pleath

A young woman who often works the counter at a pizza parlor I like has the most pronounced lisp I believe I’ve ever heard. I don’t want to identify the restaurant because I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings (it’s not San Biagio’s, though). Her speech is sort of fetching, actually, especially when she calls me “thir.” A part of me wants to order anchovies, sausage and mushrooms just to hear her repeat my order back to me.

SHE: Anchovieth, thauthage and muthroomth, thir?

ME: Yes, and a Pepthi. Er, Pepsi.

Any other suggestions what we might order?

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  • Dennis

    Hi David,

    I suggest “we might order” a boycott of the David Allen blog and the David Allen column until a sincere apology is issued to this young woman and anyone else who has a physical, mental or emotional challenge, “fetching” or not, which they cannot help. This girl will be devastated if or when she hears of or reads these comments.

    Poking fun of politicians or Polka music is one thing, but this is way out of line.

    Skip the Polka DJ

    • davidallen909

      Evidently I’ve become a terrible person over the last week, starting with those who were offended by last Friday’s column. (Or, going back farther, those who were offended when I wished everyone a Happy Columbus Day a couple of years ago.) I thought this was harmless, but perhaps I was wrong.

      • Ramona

        David, you are not a terrible person. But every once in a while, just like all of us, you cross a line that is perhaps personal to some of us.

        Ridiculing a speech impediment crossed my line for two reasons:

        1. I stutter when stressed and I felt the ridicule as a youngster. Fortunately, now days folks wait for me to break the block.

        2. There are some of us who know and care about those who have various degrees of disability. We tend to feel that, when a line is crossed for one by ridicule, it is crossed for all of them as well.

        All is forgiven, at least by me. I believe you are wiser now. Carry on.

  • Ramona

    My comment re: “Holding out for a better deal” applies here as well. Shame on you.