New Yorker eyes San Bernardino County’s mortgage crisis

Sunday’s column has items about Inland Valley mentions in the New Yorker magazine, in the Financial Times and on “Late Nights With Jimmy Fallon,” as well as few cultural items of note, including the Oscars.

Oh, and in the *groan* category, the Ontario library movies listed in loving detail in the column will screen each Thursday — a little detail I, er, forgot to include. That omission certainly jumped out at me as I read the newspaper over breakfast this morning, although it slipped right past me (and my editor) on the computer screen last week. Sigh.

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  • DebB

    This sort of fits in with your list of mentions of this area in print and on TV:

    While watching drag racing on ESPN yesterday afternoon, I saw a commercial for a Lucas Oil product. I don’t pay much attention to commercials, so I don’t even know which product this one was hawking, but it started with a woman loading groceries into her car while making some kind of statement about the product. In the background was the Wolfe’s Market sign (Harvard and Foothill in Claremont)! It went by in a flash, and even though I paid careful attention after that I didn’t see that commercial again, and I can’t find it online.

    I guess it’s not too surprising, since Lucas Oil is headquartered in Corona. I wish I could see it again – there were three little vignettes with people talking, and I wonder if I’d recognize any of the other locations.

    BTW – “Little Shop Around the Corner” – own it and love it. “You’ve Got Mail” pays homage to it in several ways. For example, Meg Ryan’s character’s bookstore is called The Little Shop Around the Corner.

    • davidallen909

      That’s funny about Wolfe’s. It’s rare that I spot places I know like that. While watching “Grosse Pointe Blank,” I noticed the town’s downtown was obviously downtown Monrovia. One of the shop awnings even said Monrovia Jewelers!

      • DebB

        It gives you a little kick, doesn’t it, when you recognize something like that? I know there are location scouts for movies/TV/commercials. But it just amazes me that someone would drag a film crew and an actress out to Wolfe’s just for that (at most) 10 second shot! Maybe it was shot by a local agency.