Winnie the Huell

Unless you watched Disney’s 2011 feature “Winnie the Pooh,” you probably don’t know that in the post-credits sequence, Huell Howser voiced a character. Link is here, and thanks to reader Judi Guizado for bringing this honey of a clip to our attention!

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  • John Clifford

    Very cute!

  • Ramona

    The things we wouldn’t know if you and your (our?) readers didn’t keep sending the good stuff.

    My family had outgrown the Pooh long before 2001 so we missed this jewel. How funny to hear Huell’s sweet comments coming from an ogre-like character. “Is this a pit?” Priceless!

    • davidallen909

      The movie got admiring reviews, I think, but didn’t catch fire at the box office. Maybe the rest is just as good.

  • DebB

    “Oh my gosh! Is this´╗┐ a pit? I think I’m in a pit!” LOVE it! Thanks to you and Judi for bringing a (bittersweet) giggle to my morning.

  • R.E. Nunez

    I keep thinking he’s going to say “Louie turn the camera this way” thanks D.A.