Humor, heart

The other day on my Facebook page, reader John Bredehoft happened to ask if any of my billboards were still up, and I had to break it to him that those came down probably a decade ago. A couple of days later, out of the blue, a friend sent me a photo of that billboard which she’d found on the Internet while, she said, doing a Google image search for “clouds.” Huh.

The “Humor and Heart” slogan (dig the court jester!) jointly promoted my column and another’s, who wrote more heart-warming stuff.

I hadn’t seen that billboard in years and, in fact, didn’t have a photo of it, at least not handy. What I did have was one of me in front of it, taken by my then-colleague Tom Zasadzinski, whose name, even years later, I can spell from memory. (You’ll notice that I put the wrong hand on my chin. Either that, or I had the wrong hand on my chin in the billboard.)

Here are both photos for posterity. The billboard was up circa 1999 and maybe for a year or two beyond, on Central Avenue at the Montclair-Chino border, and maybe somewhere else too. Of course I took a lot of ribbing about it at the time, and also very recently when friends weighed in on the photo. As one commented: “Wait. Which one has the humor?”

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  • Allan Lagumbay

    “The camera’s melting but I
    Just keep going, it’s been a
    Pleasure knowing you I wish you all the best of luck
    When the prompter dies I’m
    Comfortable winging it I’m
    Practically singing it, the song that tears the world apart

    Through the smoke beyond my parking space
    I see my giant face
    On the billboard by the highway”

    Jonathan Coulton, “Good Morning Tucson”

  • Richard E Nunez

    Dave wrong hand or is it the wrong chin

  • Andy Sze


  • John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    What can i say? I am not trendy, obviously.

    I searched for Mike Rappaport, and although most of his recent writing was about politics, I did find some “heart” in this recent item of his.